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i was the library last night and some of the plastic that they use for the 3d printing is actually pretty strong;
they were making functional bits with it like hinges + brackets etc
anyway i have zero experience thus far; looking forward to getting into this;
ive been warned it can be addictive
Community Marketplace / Re: WTB: Mac Mini PowerPC with OS 9.2 installed
« Last post by macStuff on May 15, 2019, 06:01:12 AM »
id like to find a mini sometime soon aswell. i keep checking classifieds but i think people assume noone wants a computer from 2005
wow congrats on getting paid for your efforts
when are u making another one

do u still have the audiomedia II?
what windows opening crashes it?
which specific version of os are u using now?
i have little to no experience with os 6 so i cant really offer much help

sorry my manual is not for sale; it was a gift that im glad to have; from someone who appreciated my effort
in helping the community; you could try to locate one yourslef tho they are out there
or i could look into getting it scanned into a pdf if its not available already
Hi there! Please could you share your experience how to modify ATI drivers for os9. I have mac mini g4 and out of range with resolutions higher than 1280x720. If i delete ati extensions I can boot 1920x1080@60 but 256 colours and obviously without acceleration. I want to try to modify drivers but I don't know where to start. Cant find any info on the internet or this forums.

You are not going to have much luck, two issues:


2. I had to use the 'NDRV' from 10.3.7, later versions didn't work, so unless you write your own 'NDRV', things just are not going to work right.
Hello! How did you midify the drivers? Did you have link to the guidelines of doing this somewhere? Thanks!

I think I outlined it in the Mini thread.
Sold on ebay for 462 to a buyer in California, so in way it's gone back home.
Community Marketplace / Re: WTB: Mac Mini PowerPC with OS 9.2 installed
« Last post by Syn-Fi on May 15, 2019, 03:38:05 AM »
hi i have one.  With OS9.2 installed and transcend SSD. I haven't used it for a good few years, or at all, after cleaning it out and adding the SSD.  I'll put up pics if you are interested

yesterday i tried again with oms 1.1.3.

still the same problem, program appears to work, but upon opening certain windows, it crashes with an unimplemented trap.

i'd really like to get a version of vision working on this old Mac Classic. i already have cubase running but i really want to try out Vision, the sequence workflow looks great.
i got another random local guy who answered my post on fb printing the brackets for me tomorrow - will be doing testing obviously to see how much weight i can put before it breaks lol
should be fun

also - if the sizing is correct + it works then i can look at ordering 3d prints with stronger materials

there was another guy who did a design with a crossbar of aluminum;
but yea i dont plan to put monitors on the shelves. just books + desk clutter crap; lightweight junk that would otherwise clutter my desk. and or boxes, shoe boxes full of junk etc;
anyway we will see how much it can hold; when we test it out; i got another guy helping me with it. random strangers ftw

tbh im more worried about the bracket breaking then the shelf sagging; like i said the shelf is pretty solid

i put the numbers thru the 'Sagulator' lol
47 inches length the shelf is. by about 10-12 wide and like i said 3/4" thick
it says it should support about 58lbs without sagging;
err wait maybe thats 58lbs per foot? so if its 47 inches, thats almost 4 ft;
so it should support 58 x 3.9 ? = 225 lbs approx
perfect i weight about 10 lbs under that so ill just sit on it to test :D lol
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