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man it's quiet around here.. this posting still on the top?   So I have some interesting news about the battery for those like me who didn't know..  it turns out that these older mac laptops (and maybe newer ones?) don't use a "battery" but instead they use a "capacitor" to save the clock information..

this is the one for the powerbook.  5.5v capacitor.  $7 which is about right for something like this:

So for mine I'm testing something to see if it's actually bad now that i know it's not a battery.  Following a friend's suggestion i did a PRam reset and i've let the computer charge while on for 24 hours..  then i'll shut it down and take the battery out and see after another 24 hours if the clock information is in tact or not. 
That german show?

Never saw it but it's popular between some friends of mine 😜

Yep... probably the best written Sci-Fi series in all of human history, extremely well produced with a great audio track done with some very rare audio retro synths and sound generators; the Germans have very talented actors, blows Hollywood away
cheers mate! I will keep an eye for the update.
I'll work on the SIT hopefully tomorrow, for now if you want to update all manually you can fetch the new ROM from this thread somewhere, as well as the DVD player patch from Macintosh garden and then the drivers are also here
Many thanks for the new image v9, is there any way to get the upgrade SIT (v8 to v9)
without to d/l the whole iso ? Its just I m facing very low speeds to get it -average 100 KB/s - and the d/l stopped once due to "server error".... thanks again

PowerPC OSX-based DAW Applications / Re: Searching for Logic Pro 7.2
« Last post by Philgood on Today at 07:54:11 AM »
Uploaded it finally to macintoshgarden.

Here you go:
I need to check that out! Thanks for the info :D
stay well. yes i can imagine that your whole family is like you. even the smallest ones eat firmware for breakfast.
OSX PPC could be great for mutlimedia if it wasnt for preemptive multichaos.
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