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System Utilities & File Management / disable journalling on seritek-volumes?
« Last post by IIO on Today at 02:40:57 PM »
after i have noticed that i have speed problems with one of my firewire volumes because journalling was turned on by accident, i turned that off, and at the same time i noticed that in my other mac there is a journalled volume on a seritek-connected volume - and that disk utility (10.4) does not allow to turn journalling off for these internal SATA volumes.

so, is there a way to do it?
Yes MacTron's Rescue disk is a must have!! ;D
Gotta do whatcha gotta do! ;D Glad your new system is working out... as fun as the old stuff can be, if you need to interchange your projects with newer systems there are those hoops you have to jump through!  ;D ;D
I'm sure we will find it a new home !!!

Just don't set it up on eBay yet. -afro-
I really love my OS9 Rig But have been increasingly missing out on opportunities because I have been tethered to, two hundred plus pounds of hardware. Along with the problem of there being no simple way to share projects back and forth with others working on newer systems. 

So I went out and bought a mid 2014 MBP 2.8 ghz quad core with 16 gigs of ram, with internal and external SSD Drives. A thunderbolt UAD II Apollo 8 and a TB UAD II OCTO Satellite along with a pile of plugins to go with it and put all of that into a Gator porta studio rack bag that I modified a bit. And I have to say I could not be happier with it.

So now I am looking at my trusty old 5.1.3 G4 quick silver with dual 1080p monitor setup along with the loaded 7 slot Magma chassis, piles of Digi interface cables, Digi interfaces, Opcode Studio 4 interface etc.. that is now adorning my closet, wondering what the heck I am going to do with all that now.  :-\

I've been doing a bit of this resurrection activity myself lately and I've found "Mactron's Bootable Rescue CD & Disk Repair w/Mac OS Install Included" (found here on the site @,3177.0.html ), to be an absolute great place to begin. It may not have everything that you might want... but it does have almost everything.

Download the file and burn a CD from it. Then boot your iMac with the CD. You can then wipe and reformat your iMac's drive if you like, using the disk utility on the CD... before installing OS 9.2.2.
Hello everyone

I'm trying to resurrect my good old imac found in the basement.
But of course I don't want to to use OSX on it and that is what is currently installed.
I have the first model so it supports booting on 9.
The question is do I have to use the restoration CDs (that of course I don't have anymore)
Or can use a standard os9 cd that I can find on the internet?

Thanks a lot for your help
Hey Sample-Heads, There is an extremely rare and, super hard to get Paul Hardcastle of "19" fame, Akai (S1000) by Time - Space sample CD called "The Wizard" (not to be confused with his song with the same title or, NorthStar) I believe this was one of the first sample CD's created in the late eighties or, early nineties for the Akai S1000 and dammed if I've ever been able to find it. Supposedly, it contained some absolutely killer synth bass lines (this is what Hardcastle is known for) and some sweet, passionate percussion grooves. Does anybody out there have this and want to trade or, share? Any help would be most appreciated as I am desperately trying to do some late eighties powerful dance grooves. Thank you.
I have to second, third or fourth agree (I lost track) on the idea (and near need) of using large drives without having to shell out the money (and the resulting "be damn careful as data loss can happen" warnings) for the Intech Disk SpeedTools driver.

Especially with the move to SSDs happening all over, not to mention replacement mechanical disk drives, all of which are going to get (if not already) impossible to use because all are larger than that which Drive Setup can see and use.  So you are stuck with not being able to use the whole drive.
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