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How can I use the Mac OS 9.2.2 Universal Install - ISO CD Image to install OS9 on a partition in 10.4?

Here’s what I have:

•   PowerMac G4 1.25 DP (FW400), 10.4.11, single hard drive with two partitions, Mac OS 9 drivers installed.  The partition on which I want to install OS 9 is formatted with Mac OS Extended (not journaled).

•   Mac OS 9.2.2 Universal Install - ISO CD Image

I’m not sure how to use this image to install OS9 on one partition and keep 10.4 on the other partition.  Can I use Disk Utility/Restore in 10.4 to restore the MacOS9Lives.img from the CD to the desired partition?  If I boot from the CD, will I be able to select the partition on which to install OS9?

I’ve studied the “How to Install Mac OS 9 if you already have OS X Installed” post, which uses OS9general.dmg and the Restore feature in OS X, but OS9general.dmg doesn’t have the later ROM and CPU Software versions available on the Universal Install.

Thanks for any guidance you can give me.  I really don’t want to screw this up!


I recently got OS 9 running on my PowerBook 5,2 and it works great! The Airport extreme even worked after the initial install but no longer does :/

My problem at the moment is that I am quite keen to run some games on this, but 90% of them require a resolution change or colour change to 256 colours. At the moment I'm stuck at 1280x800px (Millions of colours).
Are there any modded ROMS out there, or hacks to enable other resolutions/colour depths?
Under Apple System Profiler it says I'm running Mac OS Rom 10.2.1 (Generic), and my graphics chip is the ATI Jasper_A.

P.S thanks for all the great guides on how to achieve this, I never thought this would have been possible! This machine would be perfect if I can change these settings easily!!


Mobility Radeon 9600, not sure of the Device ID.

I could likely whip up an 'NDRV' for it, that would give basic resolution and color depth switching, but you won't get any graphics acceleration, as there is just no support for it.
first thing to do is giving your computers fixed IPs (while otherwise retaining your current dhcp setup), this makes things a bit easier.
filezilla is probably easier setup than a ftp server on os9 so if you need guidance at some point let me know.

1st link is the win only server
2nd is the main website

Even that sounds like a foreign language Devil but I will search for Filezilla and give it a go

thanks for your reply
You most likely had this stuff zipped up on a non-mac at one point in time and the file is missing some info (the creator app) so it shows it as a PC file, we have discussed this many times here, you can fix it with the following utility:,2274.msg12535.html#msg12535

But you still need to know the correct info. which you can find from a working plugin

Also, you can read all this to explain the world of mac files,1131.msg4286.html#msg4286

Thank You!!! I will try fix it!
TDM means that it needs to be run on a pro tools TDM system - if you dont have a pro tools TDM system the plugins not going to work because it runs on the hardware. thats probably why you are having problems with it

not sure if u are aware - just throwing that out there ;) good luck

I have PT Mix TDM))
there are 2 versions of the display control panel (you can have both installed for their names are different).
Iirc I could set color depth on my G4 Alu Macbook, but the Airport was 'absent' (in fact the whole left side refused to work), so I put it aside for a while.
Thanks to everyone that made this possible, I now have the perfect Mac mini; one with OS 9 on it :D
Made a little video on it. Nothing new to the folks here of course but still figured I'd share.
Thanks a lot! Burning now
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