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Here she is installed. Just humming along nice and quiet. There's still wind noise though since this fan's CFM is fairly high compared to what many might choose, but a big difference from the old fan setup. That steel fan case has no purpose in these units other than a safety feature. It just adds suction noise. Take it out IMO.

General Hardware Discussions / Re: Sawtooth w/Sonnet
« Last post by FdB on Today at 10:51:25 AM »
I don’t mean to question your thorough process but you did remove the Sonnet,
install the original processor, wipe the HD where OS 9.2.2 resides and then
do a clean install of OS 9.2.2 on that HD or OS 9 partition?

following the Sonnet instructions from the last Sonnet link I provided above,
installed the appropriate driver and THEN the Sonnet itself…
following all instructions in that manual?

I know… redundant. Sorry.

But check, check and double check. As it seems to work just fine with OS X
(if I’m not mistaken from what you previously stated) it seems that there may
actually be no problem with the Sonnet and more likely it’s the actual install
or drivers under OS 9? Might be an “extensions conflict”.
See excerpt from Sonnet FAQ attached here, below.

If push comes to shove, and before you completely abandon it…
as a last resort, you could send it to me for testing.
But only as a last resort.
Hi all!

I'm new to these forums, but I sometimes post on emaculation.

I've been playing with OS9 development & emulation for a few years now.  Lately I've been working on Finder replacement called "WrapperFinder" that launches an application after startup, and issues a shutdown call when the application is quit.  It will allow you to make a seamless wrapper for an application that works much better than running a launcher in AppleScript that shuts down or using Startup Items.  It will be a lot more reliable, as Startup Items has a tendency of breaking aliases, and a replacement Finder prevents the Finder and the user from making changes to the OS and accidentally causing the app to destabilize.  It also reduces boot time- very important for a wrapper.

I've been building in Codewarrior/C and MPW.  It has to issue direct calls to the Toolbox without the Finder, so I've had my head buried in Inside Macintosh quite a bit as of late.

OS9 has become kind of an obsession for me.  I get to relive my childhood machines, dig up a bunch of old references and documentation.  I feel like an archaeologist for Macs.  When I first started playing with SheepShaver back in the day I was actually able boot into my old iMac which has been in storage for 10 or 15 years (the HDD actually lasted that long!!) and see everything back the way it was when it was when I was a kid.  After that, I was 100% hooked.

I really hope to spend a lot of time on these forums.  I've been getting back into OS9 lately.

Another one of my most recent projects is a simple set of scripts that allow communication back and forth between the guest OS (os9) and the host OS (OSX in my case, but it could be rewritten to be cross-platform quite easily).  I'll clean it up at some point and post the source files on GitHub.  It's not a whole lot of code actually.

Wish I was technically as adept with macs as I should be after using them for 30 years.

I was getting pretty good at dealing with mac os until osx came along, then classic, wherein there was nothing to do with the system folder any longer.  Lost all that knowledge about extensions etc.  But, I do see some familiarity and find I have a need to run the legacy software I have.

I have a program called Landesign, for surveying, which is precision coordinate geometry software with an excellent GUI.  I use it for fabrication design as well.  I'm finding there is literally nothing made that is as versatile and easy to use.  I still have a 2005 G5 that has it running, but that machine will not do a data transfer to my data collector.  I still use a 1993 powermac for that, I cross my fingers every time I boot it up.  I use kermit and it works flawlessly, but it seems not to work with machines that do not have serial ports and I've not found an alternative.

To diversify the ability to use this software I bought an 2001 macbook off of ebay and am trying to get either 10.4.1 with classic installed or 9.2.2.   No luck with what I've downloaded so far.  Don't remember where I go this, but not sure how to use it.


Then an update from this site.


Perhaps I did not partition right or something.  I used the G5 to do that and I read the drivers are right for the task, but no go.

Hoping to find some guidance here to get things working

I got the Noiseblocker on the bench. This fan is moving quite a bit of air. Good quality. While I was tinkering around I noticed that if the suction side of the fan is obstructed (I used my hand) it creates more noise like a vacuum, whereas when it's obstructed on the blowing side the noise level stays the same or even dampens a bit. So I won't be installing it in the steel case mount. Just thought I'd share that for anyone considering this fan.
I've followed the instructions to a "T", still the same issue.

Reinstalled various versions of 9, (universal 9.2.2, and that one floating around that works on unsupported Macs). I can't use the factory discs for this thing since it was 8.5/8.6 if memory serves, and the CPU states that it needs 9.2.

Pop the OEM 400mhz back in, and everything is golden. Still leaning towards something being off with the Sonnet.. which is a damn shame considering how much I paid, plus how much / rare they seem to be these days..

Might try my luck with a Dual 500. It's not like much under OS9 stresses a 500mhz single to be honest (since I'm not using it for productivity, just games), and anything newer would run on OSX, which utilizes the dual pretty nicely. Plus the duals don't seem to cost an arm and a leg.
General Hardware Discussions / Re: Sawtooth w/Sonnet G4 1ghz
« Last post by FdB on March 23, 2019, 08:42:52 PM »
Good catch and a good point… however, the install / upgrade process is still very similar.
The Crescendo (ZIF) here is in a 9500 and there’s an ST/G4 in a Quicksilver here too.  ;)
Hi everyone it's been a hot minute, I got pretty sick and now i'm back and  want to finish this job so we tried some other stuff yesterday. I did get his G4 working and we tried his OS9 ide drive on it and it would not boot as the g4 is the firewire 800 version so just to new for booting OS 9 so then we installed his apps in 10.4 and in classic mode they work but the machine is not fast enough to keep up with the emulation going on unfortunately. So we are back to using the 9600 and our goal if we can do it now is get a bootable pci to ide (or sata makes no difference to me) card that we can just use as the main drive but I can't seem to find the ones listed as working on this forum anywhere to buy even at high prices. I have downloaded a lot of firmware for the SIL3512 cards but I guess only specific ones of this work? I can use a windows bootable for flashing the eeprom of the card if needed on a generic if it will end up being bootable for OS 9. I did not get time to look more into the trying of the current adapter I got without a jumper on the drive ect. The client had a serious item he was working on and did not want to open the machine at the time.

General Hardware Discussions / Re: Sawtooth w/Sonnet G4 1ghz - unstable OS9
« Last post by refinery on March 23, 2019, 06:42:14 PM »
Sawtooth isnt a ZIF machine. not sure if that firmware is still applicable.
Hey guys, this is my close friend and Duo partner "Michael Britton"

Check out his new video and give it a like

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
The link posted above for the manual for the M-Audio FireWire 1814 is broken.

The Manual for the M-Audio FireWire 1814 can still be found by going to this link:

In the "Series" column, click on "Legacy." Then choose "Firewire 1814" in the "Product" column, choose your language, and click the blue "Show Results" button. Now you can download the "Quick Start Guide" and the "User Guide" (Manual). These two documents show up when "English" is the selected language. YMMV with other languages.

Also, the drivers for the M-Audio FireWire 1814 can still be downloaded via this link:
The process is similar to the documents download. Click on "Legacy" in the "Series" column, click on "Firewire 1814" in the "Product" column, choose "Mac OS 9.x" in the "OS" column, and click the blue "Show Results" button. The two drivers that appear are:
Firewire 1814  1.0.3  (Mac)  07-02-2004  FireWire OSX 1.0.3   
Firewire 1814  2.3.8           11-25-2001  OMS2_3_8.sit

Many other Mac OS versions are listed, but I haven't looked at what drivers show up for each.
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