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OSX 10.11, Mac Mini 2014, with Edirol UM-550 - didn't work with various settings applied to sysex librarian. Microwave reports 'Bulk midi Error'  :o

OS9 G4 MDD and Unisyn 2.0 and the Steath serial card with a Studio 5LX - same problem.  I tried various speeds, rates etc via adjusting settings in OMS as the Studio 5LX has various settings and it can also emulate midi time piece.  :(

OS8.1 840AV Quadra and Unisyn 1.4 and a midiman 1in1out - it works every time, no hitches.  :D
What makes this really difficult is that you're comparing three entirely different setups of both hardware and software. Three different OS's compounds the mix even more. You're going to have to do some process of elimination.

Start with the stuff that works - move one component - either the interface or Unisyn version to the system that doesn't work and test. You've got to isolate what is probably one item that's not working / incompatible.

Thats what they said about video too and they are wrong.
MultiMedia Players & Codecs / Re: Mac OS 9 Lossless audio playback/m4a
« Last post by GaryN on Today at 04:36:31 PM »
Amadeus II, while it will handle FLAC and is a Carbonized app that will run on OS9, is an editor. It was not designed to be and makes a lousy player.

There is NO music player for ≤OS9 that will handle lossless files. Maybe you should tolerate OSX enough to play music with it.
the app is called AC-7 Core by Saitara Software and features a wireless Midi connection (needs rtpMidi on the PC), but from OSX Tiger upwards no additional software is needed.
Better Amadeus II that supports Flac IIRC.

Flac is the open source alternative todo Apple Lossless
thanks astroman for dropping some info
i will check into the names of those apps;
i do remember seeing a video about a daw-midi controller app
but i wasnt sure if it would work on the ipad1
it's in fact a rather low powered device, but far from useless
both SamplR and SampleWiz run on it, the M3000 Mellotron, Genome Midi Sequencer (can do step sequenced CC), iElectribe for synth Drums, Drum Jam for acoustic Drums, Multitrack-DAW (which is my all purpose tape style recorder, so simple and convenient) to name a few.
classic SamplR intro clip

The only screen sharing app that works really smooth (via lightning cable) is Duet, but it demands much more power than an iPad One can provide.
I've used it as the only (!) screen for a MacMini - after setup with a regular screen the Mini booted with the remote display and kept the virtual connection in memory.
You run the Duet app and see the OSX screen, bring the app to background and IOS is back etc.

But the iPad One is a handy shell terminal.
i spent some time last night in a final analysis effort with my ipad1
its pretty useless.. i am leaning towards getting rid of it.. i dont even know why i still have this thing!
i guess i didnt get rid of it out of resentment that i feel i didnt get my moneys worth!!! out of the device.
it was only usable for 2 years? or so?

i was hoping to use it for screen sharing?
or midi controller of some sort?
anyone looked into those possibilities? im not aware of which apps to use
bullshit, why would you turn a small file into a several megabytes big file? at least mp3 or something like that. and maybe if you install itunes and see what it has to offer (after turning it into a full/pro version) you might find another lossless codec you can deal with.

anyway you might wanna have a look at the top post here :D
interesting observations
i have often thought about predicaments like this and some thoughts i had were that perhaps the 840av has a closer relationship between cpu speed + serial speed
wheras on the g4 the cpu is faster then the serial uart can handle? or somethign to do with speed/throttling..

also note that similar observations can be made on vintage windows machines performing more reliably on some tasks than modern hardware.
id love to have this question answered once + for all..
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