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Thanks guys!  Your solution helped me a lot.  However the G4 MDD that I just bought for CA$20 was not identifying the Midisport 2x2, and showed an error when booted with it connected (OMS already installed and set).  So I found the driver that needs to be installed.  Here it is for everyone that still may come to this page looking for hints.

Supported Models: MIDISPORT 2x4 Driver
Manufacturers: M-Audio
Supported Operating Systems: Mac OS 8.6,Mac OS 9.x
File Name: MIDISport-3.0.8.sit (673.4 KB)
Versions: 3.0.8 (18-Dec-2003)
Mac CPU Upgrades / Re: Unknown Daystar card on eBay - can anyone identify
« Last post by MacOS Plus on August 14, 2017, 09:05:51 PM »
Great news on my card, BTW.  I received the new voltage regulator in the mail a couple days ago and replaced it today.  The card is now working for the first time ever since I got it many years ago!  It's currently testing inside a Quadra 950 with an additional 64MB RAM onboard the Daystar booting System 7.5.  I have system patches in my software archive that are supposed to allow this machine to run OS 8.5.1, 8.6 or 9.1 also with the Daystar enabled.  If it can boot 9.1 then technically this machine isn't off-topic for this forum! ;)
I had tried simply doing a 'dd if=xxx of=xxx' type thing on OSX and it got to the OS 9 screen then said nope. So, I figured since it wanted to be complicated, I'd try it this way and it worked.
I can only speak for this working on a PowerBook G4 Titanium 667 Mhz DVI and OS 9.2.2.
Hello, I've been lurking here for a couple of years and recently had the fortune of a producer friend from Colorado donate me a G3 B&W 400.  If you can imagine, he actually toted it on a plane ride to New York where we were meeting for vacation.  (!)

1992 began with first Atari 1040STE with Cubase and a Midiman device.  After a few years I spent more time with 24 track reels of tape than MIDI so I lost the setup in moves.  By 1998 I convinced artists we could record in my living room to this new VST thing.  ;) 

19 years, and about 500 upgrades later I'm back sequencing on Studio Vision for the first time and wondering why I waited?  I have a Pro Tools Mix system coming in the mail, the kind of system I dreamed of in 1998 and bashed anybody for spending $20,000 on!  :-[

Picked up a Samplecell II Plus last week.  No idea if it will work or if it will be any use.   :)
DAW - Digital Audio Workstation General Discussions / Re: SYSEX with Fadermaster
« Last post by P.O. on August 13, 2017, 06:38:56 AM »
OK. just a quick report on...nothing.
I have found an intel Mac (OSX 10.7.5) on which to test MidiQuest 11 essentials, but could not get anywhere as MIDI is broken on this machine. MIDI configuration stays stuck on "loading", and MIDIquest will not even open...

As feared, the downloads on MidiQuest "legacy" section are updaters only. they won't intall the application.

So we're still nowhere.
  I appreciate that you posted your method.  I might try this out just for the sake of the learning experience.  A bootable OS 9 USB key would be a very useful diagnostic tool to keep around anyway.  I've never actually tried it before, but I've got tons of old USB keys lying around that will never get used for anything else anymore, particularly the lower capacity ones.  This is a great idea for giving them a purpose other than e-waste.  I'd must rather use that as a boot for drive recovery software than a CD (or floppy).
Great Post Timmy !

But if you have (2) Macs as described, another alternative is booting the one with the bad optical in FW target mode, and then connecting it to the good mac via FireWire will do an OS 9.2.2 install in less than 5 minutes :)

So we put our first victim in FW (FireWire) target mode connect it to a working TI Powerbook G4, and run the famous "Diehard Instant DAW" Apple recovery (available right here from our site); and in less that 10 minutes we have a restored PowerBook G4... [/size]

I was posting this for those that don't have a second Mac with Firewire. I have two original iBook clamshells 300Mhz, the PowerBook G4 667Mhz DVI(busted CD drive), and my mid-2010 MacBook running latest High Sierra Beta. So, I didn't have the option to do Target Mode. But, it worked! Now in the PowerBook, I've got to replace the optical drive and speakers(possibly put in an SSD as well) and it'll be great. I just replaced the motherboard. But, now the PowerBook lives!
I hope this tutorial helps someone in my same position from flipping out because they can't figure it out. Thanks for the positive feedback!
Lack of CardBus support would kinda kill my interest in this model.  I've made extensive use of CardBus in my TiBooks, including PCI expansion.
No upon Restart it is "Dead" again :(

Also Stuck at 10mb and Half Duplex" very weird when it works.

CardSlot (Cardbus) also appears to be "Dead"
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