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yea the drive is toast.. i gave up on it.. it simply wouldnt read from the disk or write.. despite sounding as if it was operational properly..
i booted up ubuntu linux v12 + v10 on the g3 B+W and disk utility in ubuntu couldnt access the partition at all either
which mirrored what happened when i tried to access it in os8.6 soo..
its toast.
CodeWarrior 8 is the last version and it can be found on Macintosh Garden :)
Right now, SheepShaver on OS 9.  I'll have to try the different versions of CW that are around.
Wish NXP could sell me the last solid release for download.

The latest solid release does not run on Mac OS 9 though. The last release to run on Mac OS 9 was CodeWarrior Pro 7 I think (possibly Pro 8), the later Pro 9 and Pro 10 (the last release) definately only run on Mac OS X.

You may be able to find them at macintoshgarden I believe, if you're lucky you'll find a license file as well- otherwise it will run in evaluation mode and have some restrictions.
Well, total success on my G4 Mini with it's 80GB HDD.  Now to look at a larger drive to put in her!
DAW - Pro Tools by Digidesign / Digi Mix Core and Sample Cell
« Last post by LoFizle on November 28, 2018, 02:03:28 PM »
Anyone know, if a Digi Mix Core and a SampleCell can be used together with out the need of a digi interface?

The manual doesn’t really touch on this. Says the Sample cell i/o show up in the digi I/o, but it says nothing about if you still need a interface.

Although it mentions haveing a two track tdm system?

System Utilities & File Management / Re: Quickeys
« Last post by GaryN on November 28, 2018, 01:59:27 PM »
Got it. One little problem is who knows what the previous application will be.
The "previous application" is the one you're using. There are only three steps in this macro:
1. Switch to the player
2. Operate the desired player control
3. Return

So now you're right back where you were…in the "previous app"
General Hardware Discussions / Imprimis 94221 180MB SCSI HD
« Last post by FdB on November 28, 2018, 12:05:34 PM »
Upon a closer re-read… your Imprimus 94221 / 180MB drive may be of the 5.25” variety of “door stop” size and as such, it quite simply may not fit / connect in the more typical, standard 3.5” drive external case.

More detailed, possible specs for your drive? Here: Seem to remember you posting images of your drive originally, now. Would you repost an image (or link) along with the screenshots of FWB’s report of “no partitions” as you’ve previously mentioned? Thanks.

If the Imprimus is indeed the 5.25” variety, I have a very similar type of drive: a 60MB MITSUBISHI / MR535 42MB 5.25"/HH in a huge case of its’ own. Have had it mounted and accessed it successfully here today with a IIci and only using SCSI Probe. No FWB HD Toolkit necessary. Connecting it to the Performa first, it froze the Performa / no boot. It appears on the IIci’s desktop as the old SCSI icon (image below).

This Mitsubishi requires a DB25 (both ends) SCSI cable.

Image of drive, also below. (Guess my warranty is now void.) ::)
 I would love to copy/drop f.e. of a Mac OS X desktop to a Mac OS 9 desktop computer in a home network.
Is this possible? If yes, how to do it?

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