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General Hardware Discussions / G4 will not boot with ADC monitors but does with VGA.
« Last post by torvan on March 14, 2018, 04:28:49 PM »
Okay, I have a G4 1.0 Ghz machine with a GeForce 4MX card in it.   If I try to use any ADC monitor, it will never boot. If I use VGA, it boots fine. If I boot it with the VGA monitor and then plug in either the 15" ADC or the 23" ADC, it will shut off immediately.

If I put in an ATI 7500 in the AGP slot, the same thing happens.

So it would appear ADC will not work on my machine. Any ideas at this point?
  That's really awesome about OS 8.6.  I had actually posted here a while back asking about the possibility of making it work on later machines, but the discussion didn't go anywhere.  I have a very specific thing I need that for.  It would be terrific if you could post exactly what you modded to make it work, and then I can try to replicate it myself.  I have a perfect MDD doing nothing right now that I could use for the task.
DAW - Digital Audio Workstation General Discussions / Gleetchlab?
« Last post by dr bu on March 14, 2018, 02:52:52 PM »
does anybody have a program called Gleetchlab? have not been able to find it anywhere. it is written in Max. first versions is os9.
latest version for MacOSX:
author also made a couple of not so interesting Pluggos called these are not what im looking for.
General Hardware Discussions / Re: Quicksilver 2002 Power Mac G4 Rebuild
« Last post by Fury deBongo on March 14, 2018, 02:30:19 PM »
Greetings… and welcome.

One QS here had non-working PS fan. Replaced it and found no-go state
was the result of PS fan circuitry itself. Applied 12 volts direct from old DC
power puck (you may have one of those around somewhere), to the original
(out-of-PS), non-working fan and it worked. Quick check may save some money.
(Yet possibly lead to PS questions?)

SATA bridge adapter (ADP-06), from B&H Photo - New York… $9.95 each.

Tiger DVD (or non-DVD version), install disks available for download from
Macintosh Garden -
Scroll down (big list), and find exactly what you want.

Your mileage may indeed vary.
General Hardware Discussions / Quicksilver 2002 Power Mac G4 Rebuild
« Last post by Ninester on March 14, 2018, 01:40:11 PM »
Hello, first post, hi ya'll is?

Ok, back in the mac after my bitter departure from all things apple after troubleshooting my then new B&W REV 1 for HD corruption then finding out the Rev 2 boards were out. I was not a happy camper and apple did not give a shit either after several heated phone calls....and the one time I did not buy from Apple "mom and pop" store 60 miles away.

So, I could not resist the cheap G4 in the subject.  I will be replacing high time fans, drives and OS down the road.  The cpu and P.S. fans are seized up with the seller running it like he did not know a thing about the fans. An air compressor to blow out dust wads and some teflon oil got the fans running to check other things out.  During check out, fan on the Radeon GPU started making a racket.  LOL, starting to feel like a vet with a run over dog.

What I would like to do:

Get fan for PS and rebuild down the road.

Find second IDE drive or SATA adapter that allow booting if prices are reasonable.

Find Tiger DVD for this machine.  Found 9.2.2 on this site.  Thanks to all who had anything to add to 9.2.2 project!

As is, the mac is taking about 2-3 minutes to boot.  After 20 years, cannot remember how long G3 took, however my Mac SE blows the doors off the G4 in booting off old SCSI Zip Drive ;)
I cannot say of the integrity of 10.3 or 80 meg drive in the G4 so fun down the road.  I do not want to clean drive until all new start up disks verified.

Any help with the Tiger DVD and where to best look for drives would be astounding!

Thanks for reading!
Links don't work :(

Also, if anyone is running OS 9 on an iBook G4 with Radeon 9200 graphics, I can likely get 2d/3d working on those too. Just need to know the Device ID of your 9200.

Long time lurker here :)

its very cool watching you guys get Mac OS 9 booting on various unsupported hardware configs and then proceed to get all the hardware working :)

I was only properly involved at the very beginning of all of this (I think i was the first Person to boot Mac OS 9.2.2 on a 7447A unsupported Mac :) ) and I have managed to Get Mac OS 8.6 ( and OS X Server 1.2v3) booting on some un-supported systems :) (Mac OS 8.6 on a Dual 1.42Ghz MDD was a fun one, after doing tests in OF confirming Mac OS 8.6 could indeed boot, I then more or less applied iMics Mac OS 9 ROM patches to the Mac OS 8.6 ROM from the Sawtooth system image so you you dont have to Mess around in OF, heres a video of it booting on My Pismo on the MDD I had to Fake the CPUs PVR to that of a Rev 2.7 7400 before it would boot FYI )

out of curiosity if you dont mind me asking, how are you enabling 2d/3d acceleration? are you adding the device id to the drivers or is there more too it? :)

(I know there also has to be an NDRV too, IIRC iMac got an NDRV working on the iBook G4 Radeon Mobility 9200 but we never had 3d/2d working)

anyways heres a dump from my 14 inch PowerBook6,5 Late 2004 iBook G4 1.33Ghz 7447A(B? not pulled the system apart to check)

Hope it helps :) it would be Awesome to see 3d/2d working as I think that was the only thing (apart from airport) that was not working under OS 9 on these iBook G4s, with 2d/3d working they would make for quite the potent Mac OS 9 system :)

Code: [Select]
0 > dev screen  ok
0 > .properties
height                  00000300
linebytes               00000400
depth                   00000008
display-type            4c434400
device_type             display
character-set           ISO8859-1
reg                     00000000 
name                    ATY,Via_A
compatible              ATY,Via
EDID                    00ffffff ffffff00 06103f9c 00000000 0e0e0103 801c1578
                        0a348592 55539226 20505400 08000101 01010101 01010101
                        01010101 01016419 00404100 26301888 36001dd6 10000018
                        00000001 00061020 00000000 00000000 0a200000 00fe004e
                        31343158 420a2020 20202020 000000fc 00436f6c 6f72204c
                        43440a20 202000f7
inverter-current        00000000
backlight-pwm-freq      000061a8
backlight-control       00000001 00000000
display-link-type       00000000
display-data-justification 00000001
display-link-component-bits 00000006
display-pixel-component-bits 00000006
display-inverter        00000000
display-inverter-default-cycle 000000cc
display-dither-support  00000000
display-power-sequence  00000000 00000001 00000014 000000fa 000000fa 00000014
                        00000001 00000190 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
address                 9c008000

0 > dev ..  ok
0 > ls
ff9da3c8: /ATY,Via_A@0
ff9de010:   /i2c         
ff9db330: /ATY,Via_B@1
0 > .properties
device-id               00005c63
revision-id             00000001
class-code              00030000
interrupts              00000001
min-grant               00000008
max-latency             00000000
subsystem-vendor-id     00001002
subsystem-id            00005c63
devsel-speed            00000001
VRAM,totalsize          02000000
ATY,FCODE_MEM           200200ff
ATY,Flags               000000a4
ATY,RefCLK              00006978
ATY,MCLK                0002e630
ATY,SCLK                0002cad8
#address-cells          00000001
#size-cells             00000000
reg                     00008000 00000000 00000000  00000000 00000000
                        02008030 00000000 00000000  00000000 00020000
                        42008010 00000000 00000000  00000000 08000000
                        02008018 00000000 00000000  00000000 00010000
name                    ATY,ViaParent
model                   ATY,RV280M9+
ATY,Rom#                3131332d 78787878 782d3134 3200
ATY,Card#               3130322d 78787878 782d3030 00
device_type             ATY,DDParent
AGP_Address_Range       00000000 ffffffff
AGP_Address_Block       10000000
AGP_Alignment           10000000
AGP_AllowOverlap        00000001
ATY,Fcode               312e3934 00
assigned-addresses      c2008010 00000000 98000000  00000000 08000000
                        82008030 00000000 90020000  00000000 00020000
                        82008018 00000000 90000000  00000000 00010000
MVAD                    000000ff 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
                        00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
                        00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 122ab970

0 >
it's great !

I have S1 ilok license. I ran S1 v4 under G5 and S1 v5 under MaPro1.1
Your post open my mind .....looking for S1 installations files for OS 9.x right now !

my best
DAW - Music Notation/Score Editors / Re: MusicXML
« Last post by MacTron on March 13, 2018, 09:31:11 AM »
Then I would be the first one to do this, right?
Community Marketplace / Re: network printing from Classic
« Last post by DieHard on March 13, 2018, 08:24:04 AM »
If the Printer has a Jet Direct (Ethernet Card), the classic drivers are here,4244.0.html

Use these ONLY if you plan on "network printing" as you originally mentioned, theses are NOT for a USB connection
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