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General Hardware Discussions / Re: upgrading a Macintosh SE to 4mb
« Last post by part12studios on June 25, 2020, 08:33:48 AM »
Also how would I know exactly which model

I believe the model number on the back of the machine was 5011
General Hardware Discussions / Re: upgrading a Macintosh SE to 4mb
« Last post by part12studios on June 25, 2020, 08:11:49 AM »
Thanks for the tips on JDW. i will check it out. 

i just ordered this fella.  i owned a mac classic that had a similar tool..  because right now i can't get into it to see anything

ok cool about the resistor.  i will know more once i open it up.  Does anyone know a good place to find this particular ram?  i just wonder if faster nanosecond ram will be ok.. i imagine not just like clock speeds matter to later computers, but i'm hoping maybe i'm wrong in the case of NS ram..  like as long as the ram isn't slower.. maybe it's ok. 

I haven't had it complain about time / battery so far, but honestly i forgot to try and set the clock and see if it stuck when i tinkered with it last night. 

I get a ASD keyboard soon, but probably not soon enough.  likely next week.  :(

Yes I can definitely do that for ya.  PM me a follow up just in case it slips my mind.  i'm putting a task on my todo though now so should be ok :)

Man sounds like you know exactly what i am experiencing..  yea it feels like it definitely WANTS to work.. but yea same issue..  click click click..  "initialize?"    Once i get it open i might ask more about the particulars of what you did.   I'm definitely not wanting to replace it if i can fix it. 

Ok that's reassuring to hear NS ram might not matter..  i'm inclined to agree with you..  and the ram is cheap on ebay so i'm willing to give it a try  (for science!)


General Hardware Discussions / Re: upgrading a Macintosh SE to 4mb
« Last post by Bolkonskij on June 25, 2020, 07:41:42 AM »
hey part12studios,

congrats on the SE. I've got one as well and I love it. Mine has 4MB which makes it so much more comfortable to use. (only downside is that sometimes shaky screen, but I heard they were like that even when factory new. Well and the fan noise can be aggravating in a quiet environment)

Which Mac SE do you have? I have a FDHD and I'm pretty confident I did not need to care about resistors. But then I know there are various versions of the SE. For example, while I would just pop in a PRAM battery into my SE, I know earlier ones needed it to be soldered in. Also make sure you add only identical RAM in all slots. Anyhow, I can't remember adding RAM being difficult. (except getting those extra-deep screws out from the back of the machine!)

On a side-note, if you're disassembling your SE, would you take a picture of the screws on the backside? I didn't pay attention, so mine got lost in a big pile of screws ... if it is not asking too much :-)

My floppy drive also did not work (click click click and wanting to initialize every floppy) when I got the machine. Solution was to take the floppy out and clean the drive head. Be super-careful not to bend it too much. After that it worked perfectly again. If you keep the dust off, those drives are very sturdy ones. I'd try cleaning before getting a new one.

And about the RAM. I think you can get the faster RAM but it will simply not use its full potential. If I'm not completly wrong (it has been years) I have 120ns ones in mine and it works flawlessly.
General Hardware Discussions / Re: upgrading a Macintosh SE to 4mb
« Last post by Philgood on June 25, 2020, 06:34:51 AM »
I don't have any real experience on this machines (floppy included)but it sounds to me that a gear inside could have broken.

Look JDW on youtube. He is very knowledgeable and his videos are great.
Hey Everyone,

Great to be here. When I was at Berklee in the mid 1990s I did tons of work in Vision. I recently picked up an old machine to run OS9 for the sole purpose of running Galaxy to edit patches and use as a librarian in my studio.

I seem to have my system running ok but I keep getting the Insert Master Disc for Authorization in Galaxy and when trying to install Vision I get hung up on it needing Disc 2.

Is there some sort of emulator that needs to run disc images as floppies or is there someway to get around this?

I seem to be close to where I want to be with OS9 Classic running on my iMac G4 but the Authorization/Install issues are hanging me up. Also, if anyone has Galaxy running can you use a USB interface with it (I have an extra Digi MIDI IO) or does it like the old Studio 4/Studio 5 Printer port MIDI Timepiece?

Thanks very much!!!

General Hardware Discussions / Re: upgrading a Macintosh SE to 4mb
« Last post by part12studios on June 25, 2020, 05:09:30 AM »
I have confirmed that it has 1mb of ram so I'd love to see about maxing it out.  150ns 4 simm slots.  +

Also the floppy drive has an issue.. it seems like the little spinner that should catch the disk and therefore spin it isn't catching.. you hear a "click click click click" and the speed of the clicking varies (i believe these were variable speed disk drives back then which is why they are not easy to emulate with modern floppy drives..  maybe worn out or misaligned.  so I'm curious about replacing / repairing that as well.. 
From what I've read, you have to strip the device tree of major road-blocks like USB, leaving you with no means of I in IO.

I'd assume there could be some way of adding a true serial port to the G5, to overcome the lack of USB, if that's the rout you decide to take, but you are going to strip things way down just to get over the trampoline and to the nonokernel.

At some point you are going to have to go back and rewrite most of the Parcels file drivers, then you'll have to deal with the Mac OS drivers, with, pretty much, no source code.

I'm pretty sure teroyk already knew there will be a rough road ahead. :) The roughness of it will be there regardless of the approach being via QEMU or real G5 hardware, like you pointed out. Disabling stuff just to get to the point it would start from QEMU is a relatively minor point, because that is the "easy" part.

And "no source code" or "pretty much, no source code", not exactly. Again, consulting with/porting over GNU/Linux, BSD and/or even MorphOS drivers & other code for G5s is still a possibility, for anyone serious. (Although even without any source code, it'd still not be impossible, but "just" a lot harder.)

As long as the individual is committed and serious enough about it, there is nothing to stop it from happening. That goes for nearly everyone regarding nearly everything. :)

Having a working debugger like GDB is pretty much mandatory. 8)
OR… refer to this old thread:,4281.msg29426.html#msg29426
and perhaps the last post specifically,4281.msg33096.html#msg33096
…wherein GaryN, Tugboat and Franz de Silentio report a successful workaround w/o re-installing original processor.  ::)

Thanks dude this is my next step!
Browsers, FTP, & Remote Control / Re: Youtube with Mac OS 9
« Last post by IIO on June 25, 2020, 01:36:41 AM »
as of today there are probably more problems that that, the certificates wont work with safari or TFF either.

not to speak of OS9 :)
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