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No you would have to write something on your own, Mac OS 9 was long time dead by the time the iPhone was introduced.

Hi! Brently here. Just fired my old Powerbook G4 Aluminum back up. Wanting to run some of my old OS 9 games on it but can't find my OS 9 install disc. Happy to be here. Thanks for having me!
General Hardware Discussions / Re: Chopstick Q-tip / OCD
« Last post by Philgood on July 02, 2020, 03:03:05 AM »
It's refreshing to see people like you taking the effort to document that kind of stuff. Also very entertaining, for me at least.

I just can't get around to do it by myself. I hope karma doesn't come knock on my door.
Will always try to help though through comments on electronic stuff on my amateur level.
Welcome to Our Community - Guidelines, News, & Social Posts / Re: I think I'm done
« Last post by Syntho on July 01, 2020, 11:05:51 PM »
Update. Everything is still rock solid. I don't see myself changing my rig, ever. Now my only fear is having this old gear break down and I won't have enough replacements. Still always on the hunt for more Digidesign cards and interfaces. Need to stock up so I won't run out if something breaks down. I'm in the process of moving to another place so $$$ is tight right now, but as soon as I've got some cash in hand, I've got to find some more Digidesign stuff.
By no means a technical response to the original post (as I have no technical expertise to offer), I just wanted to post a link to The Old Net, a way of browsing the web of the past with browsers from the past It works wonderfully well on Mac OS 9 browsers such as Internet Explorer 5.1.7, iCab and less well on Classila. It isn't a way to surf modern web-sites and is not a substitute for finding a solution (if one exists) for accessing the modern web using Mac OS 9, but it is a lot of fun and reminds me certainly of how useful and enjoyable surfing the web was, before the advent of all the modern 'developments' we see on web sites and pages. Simplicity and ease of use has a great deal of charm in comparisonů
Browsers, FTP, & Remote Control / Re: Classilla themes page
« Last post by adrianrmarsh on June 30, 2020, 10:59:07 PM »
For those interested, I've gathered all of the working Classilla themes that I could find, via Wayback Machine and other random sites that still exist, and put them all up on a page so others could install or download them if they so desire. I included shots of each theme and a javascript installer (that I took from one of the archived pages) on the page.

I've tested many different themes and these are the ones that truly work. If anyone knows of any others to add to the page, let me know using the email address listed on the page.


it seems that the page where you posted these themes is no longer available, with the '404 Not Found' message popping up on Classila and modern Safari (iPhone) browswers. Is there any chance these themes were posted onto Macintosh Garden or some other forum?

Ah, gotcha. I only spent 8 bucks on the can, not 40, haha. It looks like the CRC cans come with more for the same price, I'll look for that next time.
Hi Ian, good craft (and trade) there. Also UK based here, down in good ol' Somerset.

Grew up in South Africa...not many Macs there. Came to the UK in 2002 and Macs in just about every techy shop window :)
Hi UK based I have been using macs since my plus in 1984 ,just started my own business and was looking for a desktop did the DOS thingy and then I heard about Apple since then have owned most models good and bad
But stopped at my G4 eMac with classic and 10.4.11 never owned an intel machine too much hard work.
I have a lot of early software too and will dig it out some on old Macworld discs.
64 this year and a Stonemason.
Necro posting...

Installed OS9 on the 1.42 mac mini and finished the first level of Tomb Raider 1. Also have Flashback ready to install and run. Will check out ArchiCAD 5 and 6 on the weekend.

Went to bed and browsed eBay for QS and MDD machines....I want one! 
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