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Storage Technologies / Re: 1TB SSD on a PowerBook G4 Wow!!
« Last post by IIO on Today at 11:51:27 AM »
spotlight and time machine are among the first things i disable after i install some OSX machine.

they suck in OSX, too, not only in OS9 or linux.

glad to hear that the latest WD Blue SSD seems to work and boot fine for you. let us know  in case that ever changes.:)

however, with 300 euros it is 15 times more expensive than a second hand conventional (SATA II) disk and 3 times more than the whole machine.

oops, seems i cant read, it is more like 150. we can talk about that. ignore me, i am just talking to myself.
Storage Technologies / Re: Time for the true. SATA speed In Mac Os 9.
« Last post by IIO on Today at 11:30:24 AM »

It needs an EEPROM replacement if you want to use OS9 but can then be flashed with the Firmtek SeriTek firmware in a PC and is bootable from MacOS7.6 -10.5.8.  Note, however, that a flashed card won't work with either the Digital Audio or any of the Quicksilvers. They just won't boot if you install the card.

1. it needs hardware modification 2. it needs to be flashed for mac 3. you need a PC to do that 4. it still wont work in half the G4s ... is there any PRO beside all these cons?

there must be thousands of sonnet card around in germany, why the f*** is nobody selling them? :)
well neither will save the planet unfortunately..  seems like it's beyond saving lately..

I didn't see those links in this thread above..  they must have been shared in another thread and I guess I missed that post completely..   looks good so far!  I'll dig in later tonight.  I have to sample an old one of these I got for $10 the other day..   fun to make sampler patches for odd little quirky instruments like this. 

I'm also surprised to see that DP3 CAN do VST intruments.. I thought it was effects only.  So I'm going to have to try that out soon and see if it works.  I mean it makes sense, but seeing that a vst wrapper is needed and DP3 as far as I know didn't have any built in virtual instruments I just figured DP3 would have no way to handle instruments coming from a 3rd party wrapper. 

General Hardware Discussions / Re: Quicksilver Thread!
« Last post by IIO on April 24, 2019, 01:01:35 PM »
max/msp says my 933 CPU would run at 55 degrees (celsius, that is)

is that okay?
i didnt mean to sound like they do in linux groups, but false politeness does not help either to save this planet. :)

which of these didnt work for you?,54.0.html,53.0.html

This is free and works on PPC PEF files!!

IDA / Hex-Rays also works, but it costs like $2600.

hopper disassembler once was available for PPC, no idea what kind of stuff from classic it can work with.
yea I understand..  Your points are valid.   Yea I was just noticing a trend of snarky responses to any post you were in on..  I get it though.  not everyone's sense of humor makes the right impression..  so it's ok.  I take back  the ass comment.. I was just venting.

I tried those sites and found many / virtually all of them were not OS9 plugins..  and some that were like pluggo.. at least the one i found so far.. was broken and messed up DP3..   I think I found another that will work.  has a s/n and what not, but i haven't tried it out yet. 
there is nothing wrong with beeing sensitive - or with not getting my humor.

but see, 1. hosting VST plug-ins for OS9 is one of the main purposes of this site, 2. you have been a member here for 3 years, and 3. someone above already told you that you can find here what you are looking for.

now you are still asking for a source. that is a bit irritating.

actually i wasnt even making fun of you. yesteraday i doublechecked if maybe the downlaod section is down or if you are eventually logged as guest...
On a curious not why does this Router have a modem port?

Storage Technologies / Re: SCSI Quick Mount?
« Last post by macarone on April 24, 2019, 07:03:59 AM »
68K Macs DID have this feature built in. Any SCSI device (hard drive, scanner, tape drive....) would be recognized when it was turned on, even if the computer was already booted.

This capability was removed in PPC computers, possibly because "term power" was made available from the computer power supply, as well as the SCSI device power supply, and in rare cases this could cause a problem.

Just another example of things going backward.
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