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PowerPC OSX-based DAW Applications / Re: Bias Peak Pro
« Last post by MrVitalic on August 01, 2020, 01:10:50 PM »
Thx a lot macarone. I cant test it, because I dont even have the peak 5.x installer... I downloaded it anyway in case I find something. I'v contacted the admin to get a link so finger crossed.

In my research I found that Bias still sell license for peak xt 7.0 via a shopify page. The authorization server is still up and maintained by what's left of Bias. Its universal binary and it cost 149$ but its a purchase of 'as-is' without support. I'm thinking of buying it, but I'm afraid to be sol when Bias close down the server (I use a couple mac and I love jumping from one to another, and I dont like to be tethered to only one computer).

Anyway, have a nice day!
PowerPC OSX-based DAW Applications / Re: Bias Peak Pro
« Last post by macarone on August 01, 2020, 05:34:49 AM »
> to try getting bias peak 5.2 for my good old G5.

This is what I found:

Replace only the application in your Peak Pro 5.2 folder with the attached.

Untested by me. Please advise if it works or not, and I will remove if it is non-functional.

I also searched for Peak 6 and Peak Express7 on G5, but did not find anything.
Help with this would be most appreciated!
Pro Tools TDM / Mix / HD / Pro Tools 5.3.1 (OS9, HD)
« Last post by Mne on August 01, 2020, 12:42:19 AM »
Hi Y'all

I've got PT 5.3.1 installed on a G4 with HD Core/192 and it seems to be loading fine, but I'm missing the serial number. Does anyone know where I could find it?
Tried the other 5.0.1, 5.1.3 serials but no joy there...

PowerPC OSX-based DAW Applications / Re: Bias Peak Pro
« Last post by MrVitalic on August 01, 2020, 12:32:45 AM »
Hey guys, all my apology to revive an old thread. I'v just registered to try getting bias peak 5.2 for my good old G5. I cant find it on ebay atm, and the files on macintosh garden require a serial number that I dont obviously own. I know its a bit selfish to register to a forum only to lift software (but its a nice forum). Could someone be kind enough to send me a link to the files on your server ? I dont know how to contact the admin. AND to express my gratitude and support macos9lives, I could send some money via paypal.

Have a nice day !
Logic Audio by Emagic / Emagic XSKey for Logic Gold 5
« Last post by Greystash on July 31, 2020, 04:46:12 PM »
Does anyone happen to have a spare USB XSKey for Logic Audio 5 that I could buy? I got my hands on a G4 with a Digidesign 882/20 IO and wanted to start learning with this gear, but the XSKey is bent/damaged and is not recognised by the system.
Otherwise can use any other suites with this hardware that doesn't require XSKeys etc.?
I recently bought a Mini specifically because of this work, and I have to say the end result is very impressive. Here are some notes from my experience with a from-scratch Ross v9 install.

The initial install process was slightly tricky on v9, specifically because for whatever reason with my setup, the mouse would get stuck on the edge of the screen after a few seconds. I worked around this by unplugging/plugging the mouse repeatedly and doing as much as I could in the two seconds after plug that the mouse would work. Thankfully the install process is simple enough that there's not a whole lot that needs to be done in that environment, and if I were to guess it was probably due to the monitor I was using being finicky with the install image.

However once the install was done and I was running off the hard disk the mouse worked normally. Honestly everything runs extremely well for my purposes short of sound. I also had some interesting experiences with monitors that I thought would be of wider benefit.

I didn't want to dedicate desk space for an older monitor specifically for the Mini, so I tried it with the monitors I already had hooked up for my primary system; since they're all >1080p, the Mini was connected via a DVI->HDMI adapter. The monitor I was initially running with was an Acer X27, specifically because I couldn't get a signal at all from the Mini on an LG 24UD58-B. On the X27 however, the Mini would only sync at 1024x768 maximum. Based on reading other posts here, I was concerned it'd be nearly impossible to get 1920x1080 over DVI on OS 9, especially with the HDMI adapter. Regardless, I tried with an LG 27GL850 and to my surprise, it connected at 1920x1080 60hz immediately with no issues. So long story short, the Mini is _really_ picky about what monitors it'll work properly with, but it is possible with certain models to get 1080p 60hz out of it, even on displays with greater than 1080p native resolution.

Another fun thing to note: the Dual Shock 4 works natively with Input Sprocket games on OS 9 over USB  8)
General Hardware Discussions / Re: Modern OS 9 compatible keyboards?
« Last post by GaryN on July 30, 2020, 10:31:39 PM »
Now, that's what i get for even trying to be apologetic… more snide bullshit.
(at this point you might want to consider to re-read the orignal question in the midi interface thread from two days ago, where you also failed the point... and no, bandwidth doesnt have to do with timing accuracy & when you use an usb2serial adapter bewteen 2 devices this does not give you usb bandwidth for the connection^^)
Clearly, you are the one who needs to re-read the MIDI thread. I never said or even insinuated "when you use an usb2serial adapter bewteen 2 devices this does not give you usb bandwidth for the connection^^"
I said that the USB protocol is fast enough so that it does not becomes a choke point or similar interfering with MIDI data being carried on it and having it in the mix is NOT detrimental to MIDI data flow and timing.


the volume keys can not be faked - also not in the OSX tcsh shell - simply because they dont talk ASCII nor keycodes.
volume up, down, mute and eject are not part of the "keyboard", they are more the follow up of the good old power button of the old world ADB keyboards.
and i dont know either how it works, (maybe via the generic usb driver?) but it doesnt by faking the keys.

third party "eject" software can use apple events to finder among other things. audio is more mysterious, as usual.

As I said, this ain't my wheelhouse BUT as far as I can tell, ALL communication between the keyboards and the computer takes place over a 4-wire USB line of which:
#1… Power
#2… Data -
#3… Data +
#4… Ground

There is NO extra path or provision for specialized signaling of any kind so ALL must be data encoded by the kbd and decoded by the computer. ALL USB devices are required to be compliant with a very long list of protocol. So…

If you know something here that I don't about some kind of phantom signaling sneaking over the USB bus, NOW is the time to explain it to the class.
Hola. New to the group and looking forward to checking it out. Go Mac.
General Hardware Discussions / Re: Modern OS 9 compatible keyboards?
« Last post by adespoton on July 30, 2020, 08:33:35 PM »
i have combinations here where the windows version of a programming language is using alt where the mac version uses command - and if you connect a mac keyboard to the windows PC you have to press control in order to get alt which is normally command ....aaaargh. and now imagine using a setup like that to create a program which uses modifier keys, too.

It gets even more complicated; I connect to a setup like that to work on programming software that uses modifier keys... and I do it using VNC from a Windows 10 laptop.
i am unarchiving and archiving files in OSX PPC since 18 years, and recently for a gazillion of files on multiple disks.

to zip files i use the default BOM coreservice via contextmenu.

last week i have seen something new which never happened before: about 3 per 1000 files had a custom icon from BOM archiver in OS9 later.

i swear you it never did that before. what gives?

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