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Thanks for updating a component in QT.

It seems better than MP3 quality-wise at the same bit rate.


I also tried USB Overdrive>use custom driver, but the mouse overdrive driver doesn't load for the trackpad.

isnt the trackpad connected via USB 2.0?

I don't think it really matters, it is an OHCI device, I don't see any need for it to be EHCI.

We'd have to get a look at the Linux driver for the USB tracpad and see what they did there.

The USB tracpads also don't work with OS X versions prior to the one these iBooks/Powerbooks shipped with.
Hi all,

As part of my investigations into adding support for new media formats via QuickTime components, I recently downloaded the sources for the Ogg Vorbis QuickTime component and managed to get them to compile. As far as I know, version 1.0d6 was the last released for Mac OS 9 (compared to version 1.0d8 for Mac OS X, after this the Xiph QuickTime components were used instead... I wonder if these come from a similar source tree).

I have compiled the sources against the latest versions of libogg and libvorbis, to create an up-to-date 'version 1.0d9' of the component. I have tested it on my own machine and it works well for playing, import and export.

A Stuffit archive containing the binaries is attached in case anyone would find it useful. To comply with the original license terms and also to maintain the spirit of free open source software, the source code (including working CodeWarrior 8.3 Pro projects and also binary outputs) is attached as well.

General Hardware Discussions / Re: Card for QS 2002 to add SATA hard drives
« Last post by IIO on Today at 11:37:10 AM »
you need either one with 2 channels, or, if you buy two single channel converters, one of them two has to allow you choose between master/slave and cable select.

someone correct me if i am wrong. there was a thread here but i cant find it now.
General Hardware Discussions / Card for QS 2002 to add SATA hard drives
« Last post by Steve_W on Today at 09:42:01 AM »
Hey guys, recently aquired QS2002 with the sonnet CPU upgrade currently on deck, I'm looking to add some spare hard drives I have kicking about.  They are all SATA, so I am looking for a card to connect them to.  There are spare Molex connectors inside so I can power the HDDs off those (with converters), so it's just a hard drive controller card I'm looking for.

Honestly it's been a while since I've looked at this and I don't want to order a lemon!  Results from the usual suspects like Amazon and eBay give many varying reviews, is there a recommended card you guys would suggest?

Much appreciated in advance!
the built-in speaker als also barely audible. when it comes to that, it is not a loss. :)

Good to know, that makes me feel a bit better. It's curious to me that the audio coming out the headphone jack is so quiet too though. I haven't measured it, but it almost seems like mic level audio, like I'd want to pre-amp it. Either way, I purchased some cheap 4" 24W RMS active bookshelf speakers, and that should be get the output high enough in a single gain stage.

I'm curious to see if it'll be noisy or not. Not that I really care too much about the audio quality, since I'm honestly mostly interested in going back and playing all the games from my childhood. Not like I'm doing anything where the audio quality actually matters!
unfortunately the smart restore didn't give a different result.  i have a 2nd SSD i'm using as a test SSD.. my main (original) one has a fresh reinstall and i'm just going to rebuild it. 

one nice thing about OS9 reinstall is considerably faster and easier to get back to normal vs OSX which has many many updates / patches / generally more of everything to install..   having Leopard in a restorable image is by far the greatest value from SuperDuper!  So I'm still happy.

Now to reinstall a few drivers and see if i can get my 2408mk2 working properly again.  I got the profire 2626 working well in Leopard this time figuring out a settings issue (have to set the devices driver internal settings to 192khz, not just from Digital Performer 5.13.
General Hardware Discussions / Re: SCSI for my B&W Powermac G3 350
« Last post by refinery on Today at 06:16:23 AM »
yeah it really comes down to just making sure the IDs are set right. Wiring-wise, its really whatever cables you have available to make it happen the most easily. The SCSI2SD makes things really easy to work with with its software-enabled termination, there was definitely some trial and error at the start.
In my setup, the E-Mu is set to ID0, with the ignore setting set to ID6. The Mac is ID7, and the SCSI2SD drives, 1x 18GB for the E-Mu and 4x 8GB for the Kurzweil, occupy IDs 1-5. The Kurzweil is set to ID6. The Kurzweil in the disk selection window always defaults to itself, so its easy to remember to just not go to ID0 in the menu. Not that it really matters, the Kurzweil plays nice with other samplers as long as you dont try to actually access them like a disk.

now for my akai, i keep that on its own scsi bus with its own scsi2sd, reason being that the older akai s-series OS can only handle hard drives of up to 540MB in capacity, and even that is broken down into 60mb partitions. because of this, i wanted to use all available IDs for drives so I have to switch out SD cards less often. On that chain the akai is set up as ID6 and IDs 0-5 are 540MB scsi partitions.

all of this is connected to an adaptec 39160. finding cables for it is a huge pain because it uses VHDCI connectors which are somewhat rare. For one of the busses, I use a PCI breakout cable connected to the internal connector, because it was way cheaper to find a 68-25pin scsi than it was to find a vhdci-25pin.

you can do some realllllly whackado stuff with your scsi chain with this card, but that is knowledge better saved for another time.

I also tried USB Overdrive>use custom driver, but the mouse overdrive driver doesn't load for the trackpad.

isnt the trackpad connected via USB 2.0?
General Hardware Discussions / Re: Polishing my eMac
« Last post by Philgood on Today at 01:02:21 AM »
Will do, thanks a lot.
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