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DAW - Digital Performer by MOTU / Re: Unisyn 1.5
« Last post by Syntho on Today at 11:42:18 AM »
It was actually on an MDD or two running 9.2.2. The Freemidi version was most likely the latest one, but I probably also used older versions just to test. 1.38 to 1.43 is what I used.

What I remember is that you MUST have a SCSI hard drive in your computer for it to work, if it is a computer that originally ran on a SCSI HD. It needs it for the HD authorization, REGARDLESS if the authorization is on the SCSI HD or not. I know that sounds weird, but that's the way it was. However my MDD didn't have that problem.

I remember trying to authorize it, then the authorization crashed, then I tried a few more times, and perhaps used some other authorization, and somehow it just started working. I gave up on FreeMidi relate products altogether for other reasons though.
And finally if you really can't get it to work like that, and you prefer using Finder, you can do this which is simpler, but requires a few more reboots than the other method.

1. Start up from recovery partition (hold cmd+r as computer starts up)
2. Open terminal from utilities menu
3. Enter in to terminal
Code: [Select]
csrutil disable4. Restart back off your regular drive
5. Open Finder and Navigate to /System/Library/Frameworks/
    either using Cmd+Shift+G, or manually going there
6. Rename the current "ScreenSaver.framework" in the folder (Frameworks) to "ScreenSaver10.13.framework"
7. Place "ScreenSaver.framework", unzipped from;topic=4407.0;attach=5221 into the folder you have open in Finder (Frameworks)
8. Repeat steps 1 and 2.
9. Enter into terminal
Code: [Select]
csrutil enable10. Reboot

Just tried this actually because I needed to use Timbuktu, and still working in 10.13.6. (remember every time you update you OS you're going to have to repeat all this again)
Ok thank you. I'll give it a try  :)
You could try mounting the drive using disk utility, or try "diskutil list" look for Macintosh HD and then type
diskutil mount /dev/disk0s2

changing disk0s2 with the identifier for Macintosh HD

then you should be able to access it.

In terminal you are probably seeing

that is just the user you are logged into, which is the root user, (do whoami)
As soon I am in terminal (from recovery mode) I encounter a problem. I can't access my drive, or at least don't know how. When terminal is launched, first thing that come of is bash"something" (i don't remember exactly what is written).

I was interested for a short while, but choose a Creamware Scope card instead.
Best buy ever, still in daily use for > 15 years.

Can you please upload the latest Scope software compatible with Mac Os 9?
iirc there was a special Logic version supporting this card, basically one of Yamaha's mixers on a PCI card (without the analog control elements of course)
I was interested for a short while, but choose a Creamware Scope card instead.
Best buy ever, still in daily use for > 15 years.

Considering current prices for Digidesign TDM gear I wouldn't bother too much, but back in the days it was useful for shure. No cheapo either...

Regular logic has a setting for DS2416 so i don't think there was a special version, though it will be some time before i get my cards to test it out.
Steinberg / Re: Help installing Steinberg VST instruments
« Last post by paule on July 20, 2018, 02:08:49 AM »
Hi all,
as far as I remember, it took me also a while to install "THE GRAND". Via OS9 it doesn't work because the CDs (as written here) are not recognized when burnt.
It did a trick for me: I have OS 10.3.9 on the same partition and I recognized that OS X sees the TheGrand-CD. I just started my system with OS X and OS9 inside with classic mode. Because OS X saw the CD, I started it there and installed "TheGrand" in the Classic (OS9) VST folder. This trick did it for me.

Best, paule.
Steinberg / Re: Help installing Steinberg VST instruments
« Last post by GaryN on July 19, 2018, 10:29:17 PM »
I was able to make a burnable CD image of Emagic SoundDiver 3 which passes the CD copy protection check that I could share, although it has to be burned with Alcohol 120 on Windows.  I'll see what it takes with The Grand.

FYI: We have a working image of Soundiver 3 including upgrades that works. The CD image suffices for the periodic "CD is present" check. I think everything is there but if you can check the contents against your CD for anything missing that would be great.
I have no idea if this is the right place?

You're in the right place now DevEd!! ;D ;D
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