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 on: Today at 07:52:16 PM 
Started by davecom - Last post by davecom
You guessed it—I'm auctioning another Mac mini G4 with Mac OS 9 pre-installed.

This one is in the best cosmetic condition of the last few that I've auctioned. The auction has no reserve and starts at $0.99.

It's another 1.42 Ghz/128 GB SSD/1 GB with USB speakers, Apple Mouse, power adapter.

 on: Today at 07:11:25 PM 
Started by Knezzen - Last post by Mat
Hmm, …

I don´t know … In general I never was a friend of websites that are imitating parts of operating systems. Especially I do not like the "retro-factor" that is implicite in such kind of websites through the design. And as you know Mac OS 9 is a daily driver for me, not any fun or retro stuff.
Also ssp3s critique has some true points (especially the blinking "new"-gifs are ugly). But for me it appears not that hard. In general I see the "problem" like at many projects, that the "tool", and the "look" is forcing the content and the usability into paths, instead of thinking about the aim, and selecting the tools and an useful design for the aims.
I will test it the upcoming days with my 9 machines extensively. ATM I have the impression that it will work better and with a better general overview at Classilla.

As always I am missing a graphics/layout/DTP section, which is in my opinion also still a huge use case for Mac OS 9. Be it at the website itselve or the forum.

But aside all the critique, I have to say, i could have contributed before (and Knez as Bolkonskij tried hard), and I did not. So accepting and especially esteeming the work of others is needed. I know how frustrating it is if you put massive work into something and just critique is coming back. So please take my huge THANK YOU for all the efforts you put into the new page!

Let's see how it developes and what improvements are really "needed" after a periode of habituation. And finally I am extremely glad that things are getting "simpler" and more compatible with older machines, and not newer and forced to mobilephone-design or other modern crap!

 on: Today at 02:15:12 PM 
Started by Knezzen - Last post by ssp3
Also, a lot of wasted space. The actual text occupies maybe only 50% of the width of the page.

 on: Today at 01:52:22 PM 
Started by Knezzen - Last post by ssp3
Yes, but not grey on white, grey on light grey, grey on light blue or light blue on light grey.
And you've missed the point. It's about mistakes of those designers that "don't read the text, only look at it". (Die lesen ja nix, die sehen ja nur, die kucken).

That flashing bright yellow "New" on bright red looks like something from the 90s to me. "Sale" sticker/banner are first that came to my mind.

Seriously, guys, are you reading the new site on 1920x1200 displays set to 800x600 or smartphones? I get an eye strain reading it on my 13" MacBook Pro.

 on: Today at 01:50:46 PM 
Started by n8tehadventurer - Last post by IIO
I haven't seen one of those before.

the analog signal from the G4 mini is of a pretty good quality and fully supports WUXGA with cheap 1.8 meter cables. (unlike the later intel models)

i havent tried those adapters either, but from what i see you must be careful that the correct direction is supported, many products which are called "VGA to HDMI" are made to connect VGA monitors to HDMI outputs.

in electronic stores or ebay there are plently. avoid the goobay crap, then you should be fine.

yes of course, normally using 2 adapters should also be no problem. though i assume you have adapters with cables...

 on: Today at 01:42:50 PM 
Started by Knezzen - Last post by IIO
the video you linked to is also black on white.^^

 on: Today at 01:36:27 PM 
Started by Knezzen - Last post by ssp3
Sending prayers for a speedy recovery.

It's not funny, Knezzen.

It's your site, you can do with it whatever you want, but this one is not for me at the moment. Sorry.

Here's another guru on visual design (in German, CC is available for those who don't speak that language):

A little background, so that you all don't think that I'm some internet troll..
I've been around artists and musicians, some of them quite prominent, all my life. Some were close to my parents, I myself too have made many friends from those circles during my life. That's my "scene". My better half has a degree in arts. She worked for ten years for glossy fashion mag as photo editor, before leaving that rat's race and switching to teaching painting and composition in arts school. I met her at the opening of an exhibition of my friend, who is industrial designer and has his works in the collection of our national arts museum. :D
While she was at the mag, we did quite a lot of product photography for that mag. Mostly spreads. (That's where my background in display calibration comes from).
I/we also do some product/packaging photo stuff for one large kitchen appliances brand from time to time. I see the results of our work on the shelves in the shops.. Got those jobs thru another friend who is full time graphic designer and does all the packaging for that brand, aside from regular "mags, booklets, calendars, posters and websites".

So, I have a pretty good idea how visual stuff works. ;)

 on: Today at 01:30:42 PM 
Started by Knezzen - Last post by IIO
I'll let you know in a moment when I have recovered from the shock.

leave color contrast to paintings - black on white is perfect for text information, just as on the site you linked to.

just go back to the old theme :)

 on: Today at 11:07:36 AM 
Started by Knezzen - Last post by Knezzen
I'll let you know in a moment when I have recovered from the shock.
Sending prayers for a speedy recovery.

 on: Today at 10:59:47 AM 
Started by Knezzen - Last post by ssp3
Content? I can hardly navigate to see content. Not enough visual cues.

I'll let you know in a moment when I have recovered from the shock.

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