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As with most first posts here, concerning anything… very little machine and specific configuration info is provided. What machine are you using? How is it configured? (RAM, cards installed, etc.)

First, what version of USB is the thumb drive? Second, was it initially formatted using the machine you’re trying to access it with? Third, why aren’t you running OS 9.2.2?

With limited info, I’d first suggest reformatting the thumb drive using the 9.1 machine. Then, if possible… I’d also update system software to OS 9.2.2 (if not doing this first).

See the following for USB version differences:

G4s are USB 1.1 / but with an additional card, I know that (at least), USB 2.0 read/write transfer rates are achieveable. Of course, you may already know all of this but I’m just ‘shooting from the hip’ here… not knowing more about your machine or specific file types.

AND, with the slowdown in “low power mode”… you may have some other concern(s) as well.

Good luck.
I am running 9.1
Every time I have to plug a thumb drive in the computer takes up to 5 minutes to recognize it. I have zap the PRAM, rebuilt the desktop folder and am at a loss. Once I do those things and restart, it acts ok for about 15 minutes, but as soon as it goes into low power mode it returns to super slow. I have to transfer back from OS 9 to another computer (OS 10.6.8) so it is hindering my work.  Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated
DAW - Digital Performer by MOTU / Re: FreeMIDI Sync?
« Last post by macStuff on Today at 12:37:50 PM »
i just found this setup archive document related to
setting up the Opcode Studio 5 to work with MOTU's Freemidi!
heres the page i found it on

it also includes a link to get quicktime to work with freemidi but that download is not archived i dont think
"Setting up FreeMIDI 1.27 to use QuickTime Musical Instruments"
DAW - Live! by Ableton / Re: Ableton Live v4.14 *NOW AVAILABLE!*
« Last post by macStuff on Today at 12:36:33 PM »
just find the link to the download boards.. its there... it was reposted to a new link since that one.. the link needs to be updated thats all
the entire point of this post was to urge the use of .img apple disk image files (NDIF)
BECAUSE they are compatible on all versions of OSX + almost all flavours of classic Mac OS (7.x, 8.x, 9.x)

That is an excellent point...
but not the only take-away from this discussion... we also wanted to explain the need for Macbinary encoding when transferring non-compressed files to the internet and back and using 'stuff-it" for archiving and then adding MacBinary encoding to the archive to prevent issues from transferring Archives to internet storage.

Lastly, an added tidbit, was to use Toast 4.1 and copy hidden blocks from CDs that may have copy protection schemes... this obviously won't work on some older Native Instruments that have physical copy protection (looks like a small BB/bullet struck the CD), but works on mant Steinberg and other CDs 
DAW - Live! by Ableton / Re: Ableton Live v4.14 *NOW AVAILABLE!*
« Last post by JeddyH on Today at 02:37:57 AM »

When I click the link it comes up as that
DAW - Live! by Ableton / Re: Ableton Live v4.14 *NOW AVAILABLE!*
« Last post by devils_advisor on Today at 01:13:43 AM »
Hey, how do I access this download? Its saying I don't have access.
now you do
DAW - Live! by Ableton / Re: Ableton Live v4.14 *NOW AVAILABLE!*
« Last post by JeddyH on November 20, 2017, 11:10:20 PM »
Hey, how do I access this download? Its saying I don't have access.
I agree, it’s highly irrelevant what it is or not is.

So is the preference order of various tools as well.

It can just be established the majority of the developers after the introduction of PowerPC Mac OS tend to use Code Warrior, primary because it was the first compiler with PPC Pef support but I would also think the main reason was powerplant.
read the definition of codeWarrior

lets all just 'nip this one in the bud' as they say
and just move on to the more important stuff ?? ya?

the entry for MPW says that its a software development environment..
SDE vs IDE ..
close enough??

Macintosh Programmer's Workshop or MPW, is a software development environment for the Classic Mac OS operating system, written by Apple Computer. For Macintosh developers, it was one of the primary tools for building applications for System 7.x and Mac OS 8.x and 9.x. Initially MPW was available for purchase as part of Apple's professional developers program, but Apple made it a free download after it was superseded by CodeWarrior. On Mac OS X it was replaced by the Project Builder IDE, which eventually became Xcode.

MPW > ProjectBuilder > Xcode!!!
interesting to be told the history..
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