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Mac OS 9.2.2 for Mac Mini G4 only
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Description:  Mac OS 9.2.2 (Mac Mini G4 Only) - Bootable ISO Image
Contains Modified ROM & Extensions. No crazy commands to type, just boot and install!
Version 9 (Updated March 2020)

NOTE: Several years in the making, this install is intended for Mac mini G4s only (1.25, 1.33, 1.42, 1.5 GHz)

This CD image was compiled by RossDarker, the creator of the ISO; it contains all the modified files created/modified by other core members of MacOS9Lives and is a complete working masterpiece for the Mac mini G4...
You can message RossDarker, the creator of the ISO image, for specific questions

A video showing the entire install can be seen on YouTube here:

Special thanks to: Daniel, darthnVader, ELN, MacTron, MacOS Plus, nanopico, RossDarker, and all others who made this possible.

Read about the development here...

No need to install OS X
No need for any additional updates or patches
No need to type Open Firmware commands

ISO Build Notes (from RossDarker):
1) Mac OS ROM 9.6.1 is used with ELN's modifications and MacTron's custom Happy Mac icon

2) The CD comes bundled with a "CD Extras" folder, containing USB Overdrive, Classilla, Bugdom, and more that can be optionally installed to your hard drive

3) When booting the CD, "Drive Setup v1.9.2" and the "Read Me" file are automatically opened

Modifications & Patches
Patched to allow the Mac mini to run Mac OS 9.
Version: 9.6.1, CPU Software 5.4.

Energy Saver Components
Replaced by the equivalent and compatible Sleeper Extensions, Control Panel, and Control Strip.

Apple DVD Player
Patched by Joshua to run on unsupported hardware.

ATI Graphics Extensions
Patched by darthnVader to support the Mac mini's ATI Radeon 9200.

Unmodified drivers are now compatible as of v9.

Lastly, Jon over @ St.Clair Software, the creator of "Sleeper" (which replaces the incompatible "Energy" strip) has given us a "free" license for Mac OS 9:

Here is your Sleeper 3.5 registration information:
Your Name:  Mac OS 9 Lives
Registration Number:  5140

To Register Sleeper (removes nag pop-up) follow these steps:
1. Open the Sleeper control panel
2. Click on the 'Register...' button
3. Click on the 'Enter registration code' button
4. In the fields provided, type in your name and registration number exactly as they appear above.  You may type any information you want into the 'Organization' field, such as your company or department name.”

Previous versions available on Hotline and Gopher.


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