Contribute to Mac OS 9 Lives

PowerBook G4 running Mac OS 9 Mac OS 9 Lives is not the work of an individual. It's created by a bunch of Mac OS 9 diehards, many of which still use Mac OS 9 as their daily driver. On this page you'll learn why they chose so and what they do on their machines.

That said, we're always looking to people contribute in fields they really know their way around. In fact, we'd like to encourage you in helping to make Mac OS 9 Lives the one-stop place for finding OS 9 info & camaraderie.

We're currently looking for people helping us in providing content for the following sections:

  • Video Capturing & Editing
  • Emulation on OS 9
  • Emulating Mac OS 9 on newer hardware (QEMU, Sheepshaver, ...)
  • Games
  • Writing & Calc
  • Utilities
  • Drivers

If you feel you have something to contribute, please either contact us via the forum or go straight to your Hotline client of choice and connect to

Upload your texts, pictures, movies, software there. Ideally, let us know - we'll get back to it asap. Otherwise ... we keep checking stuff from time to time anyway.