Writing & Calculations

One of the tasks Mac OS 9 is still gets good use for is in either writing or light calculation (aka spreadsheeting). It's fine for keeping track of the household budget or the members of your local sport club. Dozens of professional packages for number crunching are available for free these days, be it classic Excel or innovative approaches like Spreadsheet 2000.

The same goes for writing - the epic Word 5.1 runs just fine on OS 9, as do programs like WriteNow or WordPerfect - just to name a few! There's even a lot of niche software, like script writers software or one for technical editors.

Many writers have expressed their joy when writing in a single task-focussed operating system like Mac OS 9, eliminating any unwelcome distraction and instead allowing to focus on the job. This page will be about the software & plugins, compatibility with the modern world (formats / file exchange) and tips & tricks when using writing & calc software on OS 9.

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