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BBS software Subtext updated to 4.0

Version 4 of the Subtext BBS has been released by author Joshua Stein. If you don't know what a BBS is or which are worth connecting these days, check out our guide on BBSing and Mac OS. Changes in this version:

  • Move views out of database to flat files in a "views" directory, allowing them to be edited by other text editors and backed up; views are cached at startup and can be reloaded through the sysop menu
  • Speed up telnet IAC negotiation to avoid delay after connect, avoid doing NEWENV unless talking to the trusted proxy
  • Add BSD Syslog (RFC3164) support, sending all logged events to a configured syslog server
  • When opening the last-opened database at startup, if the Command key is held down, do not open it and prompt for a different one.
  • Add support for {{center_XX}} template variable
  • Remove ATQ0 from default modem init string to be able to handle when the modem responds to init with an error
  • When tossing FTN packets, log failures and move files to the "bad" directory, then send local mail to sysop
  • Add page number to prompt in boards menus
  • Fix new/signup logins not going directly to the signup menu
  • Fix bug in modem handling where a session wasn't properly disassociated when the session was forcefully closed
  • Fix location lookup when connecting through the trusted proxy

QuokkADB - new USB to ADB adapter

If you want to use a modern USB keyboard on your vintage Mac with ADB ports, a company called Rabbit Hole Computing has an easy-to-use adapter for moderately priced $29.99. It also works the other way around - you can re-use your beloved Apple Design Keyboard with your Power Mac G4 this way.

More info & order here (modern browser needed)

English language patch for Transport Tycoon

It took nearly 3 decades, but finally you can play the Macintosh port of Transport Tycoon in English language! Previously exclusively released for the Japanese market, greystash (of mac-classic fame) and Csaboka took it upon them to localize this excellent strategy / city-building game. If you enjoy games like Sim City, take a closer look.