collection of OS 9 game screenshotsMac OS 9 makes a terrific OS for games. Not only do many of the games of earlier Mac OS versions still work fine, giving you hundreds of classics to choose from. But there are also dozens of great titles that have been released for OS 9, often in enhanced versions compared to their PC counterparts.

Titles like Unreal Tournament, The Sims, Deux Ex, Civilization III, Quake 3, American McGee's Alice, Fallout, Duke Nukem 3D, Tropico, Railroad Tycoon 2, Oni, Diablo II, Age of Empires II, Warcraft II, Starcraft, Sim City 3000 are actually just a few of the games that will run fine on Mac OS 9!

The days when Mac OS 9 was released in 1999 was the pinnacle of gaming in the eyes of many. 3D worlds started to grow up from graphics demos to playable games while classic 2D shooters like Mars Rising were still being released - a perfect time of transition in gaming history that combined good 90's stuff with exciting new 2000's style games.

Indie before indie

Well before the term "indie developers" came out big, the Macintosh had a vibrant scene of small independent developers. People like john calhoun (Soft Dorothy), Andrew Welch (Ambrosia), Joe Williams (Delta Tao) or Jeff Vogel (Spiderweb) created epic games that were often as innovative as they were stylish.

Many of these games still hold up today, offering everything from a quick little diversion to hours long epic sessions. Titles such as Glider (Pro), Escape Velocity, Missions of the Reliant, Spaceward Ho, Maelstrom, Strategic Conquest and many many more come to mind! Several have found their way to other platforms, but they all started out on the Mac - and most run perfectly fine on Mac OS 9.

Resources for OS 9 gamers

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