About Mac OS 9 Lives

iMac G4 with speakersMac OS 9 Lives was founded by Jerry (aka DieHard) back in 2012, who believed in the inherent value in Classic Mac hardware together with the Classic Mac OS and the synergy between the two which inspired him to want to use a computer... the balance between function and form cannot be understated, it simply works... it produces results... and we enjoy the experience along the way.

In 2024 long-time community member Knez took over the torch and vowed to carry it on, expanding Mac OS Lives website and adding many new services & info for new and old Mac OS 9 users. All downloads have been moved out of Google Drive and made accessible directly from Mac OS 9, and a new website and forum theme updated the look while retaining vintage gear compatibility.

If you're interested in contributing, be it by writing a tutorial on something you're really familiar with or just reporting a typo, feel free to contact us.