About Mac OS 9

After being introduced on October 23, 1999 as "The Best Operating System Ever," Apple laid Mac OS 9 to rest at the 2002 World Wide Developers Conference; Steve Jobs began his keynote address with the famous OS 9 funeral. It was unknown at the time that a small dose of "coup de poudre," including the pufferfish neurotoxin TTX and the drug Datura were slipped into an OS 9 sub-routine the day before causing Mac OS 9 to merely appear dead!

While some claim that Mac OS 9 is an outdated piece of garbage since it lacks protected memory and full pre-emptive multitasking; there is a basic premise that states opinions are like a$%holes... everybody has one.

There are countless Mac OS 9 users who actually prefer it over modern Mac OS (X). If you found this site after a few Google searches then perhaps you do also. Mac OS 9 LIVES... even if it is classified as "End of Life" (as official development on it has ended) the resurrection is complete and it will exist in the OS Matrix of eternity. As long as there is one user left breathing (hopefully me), then this website will be a dedication to the compulsive preoccupation with installing and utilizing Mac OS 9 and its applications.

Why Mac OS 9?

User responsiveness

It feels fast... without a pretty, translucent GUI running over a Unix-based kernel there is nothing to slow OS 9 down. You click around and things actually happen, in real time, with no OS X spinning wheels or Windows circles to keep you guessing. For audio recording enthusiasts, many hardware interfaces with ASIO2 drivers yield an experience close to zero latency when playing virtual synths or drum machines.

There are graphic artists, publishers, and writers that claim they can create projects faster with OS 9 because it "thinks" the way they do; they focus on one or two things (applications) at a time and see them to completion. It is true that the "pre-emptive multitasking" advantage present in OS X can be illustrated by downloading CD-ROM ISOs and rendering chaos theory formulas while simultaneously instant messaging and posting on FaceBook what you ate... but in reality, what did you create ?

Abandonware .... Their Loss is Your Gain

The legality of abandonware is arguable, but there thousands of well-written Mac OS 9 applications that are now up for grabs. Some programs that originally cost hundreds of dollars or more are no longer for sale, and others have literally been given away for free.

This abundance of free software in which the developers have, quite literally, abandoned spans categories from business software to audio recording. I’m not going to talk you through finding your own abandonware here, but suffice to say it’s a very simple matter to discover titles to download.

Low Budget / no budget requirements

Many of the fastest G4 Macs that are capable of booting directly to Mac OS 9 (both laptops & desktops) can be purchased on eBay for around $200 or less. In some cases, this is only 10% of their original cost. Power Mac G4 Towers (Quick Silver, MDD) and PowerBook G4 Titaniums (867 Mhz., 1.0 Ghz.) are the ultimate flagships in the OS 9 arena; both run OS 9 blazing fast.

As for the "No Budget" category, many scrap and e-waste facilities will give away Beige or Blue/White G3 towers (you might have to tip them $20). For this reason, I am focusing this site on non-Intel PPC Macs that are Beige G3s and newer and are running Mac OS 9.2.2. I apologize in advance to those who will send hate e-mail via their supped-up Performa 5200.