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Mac Os 9 booting on: G4 Tower MDD FW800 (Detailed Posts)

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it is usually the user and not the machine :)

describe in detail what you do and what happens to get a more useful answer.

So I used this to convert an FW800 G4 to work with os9. I need this as a backup system for my remote session music stuff. It works very well with protools 5.1.3 and all the cards and peripherals are working fine. Very happy:). Just something a bit odd, I used two of my external firewire drives ( a glyph GT050 and a Lacie rugged) to transfer session data onto the new machine to check it out. No problem with that but on returning to my original FW400 G4 both drives are running very slow for transferring files, both onto and off, usually in the first 30 seconds, then the speed picks up but still nowhere near as fast as they used to be. I will be formatting the drives again and am confident that will fix but just seems a bit strange. Also, there's something weird going on with USB, it (the fw800 machine) doesn't seem to like more than two devices (in my case a hub for keyboard and mouse and a midi transmitter) being operational at the same time.
I have yet to get round to testing the system thoroughly, there was too much other stuff to do, and at the end of the day it works.
Apart from those things this is a wonderful thing. Thank you!

I'm late in announcing this, but Action Retro featured the fw800iso for his video on the FW800 MDD. Here is a link:

To be honest, he says it works like a regular FW400 MDD with OS9, except with the 400 ports not working and the 800 ports working but seen as a 400 ports.

I eventually wasn't able to use my FW800 anymore, so tonight I am going over it to understand why it won't boot.

What I think happened is that after I applied an Open Firmware patch, it won't boot without it. Except that the PSU can be flaky so sometimes I need to leave the system unplugged, and then it loses its patch. Since the patches are no longer necessary with hacked ROMs, I should probably figure out a reverse patch to make it stock again. It was years ago, I don't remember what I did!

Either that it's my typical luck of MDDs having RAM flakiness.



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