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MIDEX 3 driver

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Does anyone have Sternberg's MIDEX 3 driver for os9 from the original CD, please?


looks like this question was asked once before,

driver for midex 8 is here:

the midex 3 is a 2 in / 2 out usb midi interface
i remember someone telling me that the device itself was manufactured by another company for steinberg and that it really was identical to that companies own product + could therefore use their drivers..

i may be wrong but thinking about it + trying to remember what i read, im pretty sure it works with the midiman midisport drivers.

i reccomend you try it with the driver from the midisport 2x2 mac os 9 driver + see if it works! and report back your results

more info:

compare these images with the device and u can see that midiman did probably in fact produce the midex3 and that it is indeed a midisport 2x2

they just made a custom case for it that made it visually appear different on the outside branded with the steinberg logo

heres a link to an actual midiman drivers cd image from july 2000

it would be good to have this archived HERE where all things mac os 9 DAW live

another image to compare the midex 3 with..
pretty sure its just one of these in a new box with the steinberg logo on the top

u see it has the same number of lights aswell + similar location of all connections

just use the midisport 2x2 driver!
dont forget to install oms!


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