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Is plugo win blows only? I wouldn't mind working on stuff on my laptop then porting it. Would be nice to have everything on the mac side as well. Jumping back and forth seems counterproductive.


like most good stuff it was mac only at first.

OS9 should be our main focus here, but you wont have any issues with windows.

you just should be aware of one minor difference, which is that the first windows version of max is newer than the latest for mac os 9.

so it has a few more vanilla objects which are not available for OS9.

you should know that list when you want to code on win but use the result on mac.

there is also a minor issue with font size. when i do somethign on windows, i usually rewrite the code later on the mac (because i am very anal when it comes to code layout).

Idk why but I was thinking Pluggo was an SDK. I missed the part where you mentioned PT is a closed development. I'll check it out none the less. looks pretty cool. I actually would rather use os9 but PT doesn't support VST.

not an "SDK" at all. you are supposed to make a "normal" max patch which includes a few pluggo-specific binaries, all of them are part of vanilla max.

i will be glad to guide you through it when you´re ready. ;)


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