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I saw this thread at Thinkclassic

And I know a lot of you like your anonymity, but I thought it would be cool to get some personal background (names and locations can be left out to protect the innocent) on members, even though I feel like I know you guys.  We have been going full throttle finding all that awesome OS 9 DAW stuff and system upgrades for so long, that now is may be nice to fill in the gaps of what brought us here...

Again, this is an optional thread, so don't cancel your membership if Interpol is still looking for you.

I will break the ice

And I am proud to be a member of a group where so many choose to learn something deeper and maximize its potential.
I am sure many of you embrace new technology and are not ignorant regarding the latest and the greatest, but maybe we like to sip our wine a little slower, maybe planned obsolescence doesn’t sit well with us... at least, for now.

I strongly believe the inherent value in Classic Mac hardware together with the Classic Mac OS and the synergy between the two is that it can still inspire us to want to use a computer... the balance between function and form cannot be understated, it simply works... it produces results... and we enjoy the experience along the way.  I can almost compare it to driving a car with a standard transmission where the driver is more in control... the newer car with the automatic transmission (although a  sweet ride) tends to make us feel like we are being driven.

Great works of art can leave a lasting impression on the psyche.  I remember it like it was yesterday... Although I had been working with both Macs & PCs since the 80s, the defining moment was when our group loaded a pre-release of Mac OS 8.5.1, it left a lasting impression... thru the appreciation of its existence and the creative inspiration it manifested, it would change my perception of a desktop computing completely; so much so that friends and co-workers would use terms like “Obsessed” or “Fanatical” when describing my devotion to the pursuit of all things Mac. The PowerMac G3 line at the time, together with Mac OS 8.5.1 was a defining moment for me...all the countless late nights devoted to learning all the hardware and software tricks to keep Windows 95/95/NT/Novell all talking to each other were just a means to keep my corporate network clients up and running. While at work I would set interrupts on cards and deal with never ending blue screens, but my personal computing (done on my own time), would be done on Macs.

Since my background was networking, my interest was in both the hardware and the software.  Our company was both a Novell Gold shop and also a purchaser of liquidated computers, so it was not long before I acquired a single item of almost every Apple computer product produced.  I had my pick of the warehouse, 6000 Square feet of industrial shelves of Macs, PCs, and peripherals that would be resold in bulk (minus what I acquired for my personal collection). This led to a weird affection that developed toward the machines and the Mac operating system itself... like a great art collection, my mac collection was my most prized possession.  It has only been though years of self therapy, that I only keep the computers I use (plus a few or so for backup...hehe).  My biggest past time and hobby has always been music, so naturally my Macs are my greatest assets.

I am a Diehard fan of Macs and Mac OS... I guess i’m not alone :)

... maybe it's my turn...
About myself: one of those guys that find more easy to name what they don't like that what they like.
I have studies on Economy and Physics.
I love science and art, and make music with computers is a way of join both worlds.
I like all musical genres, but not all kind of songs.
I use computers since early 80's. I remember when the Macintosh born. But it was an achievable dream at first. I had to use MS DOS even though knowing that there was a lot of things a lot of better: Atari, Amiga, and the Macintosh. During my studies, I have used Unix and Solaris systems, and later Linux ( I had my own Debian based Linux distro ).

I've used a Next Station, just once, they were impressive at this time. Unfortunatelly they lost some of the things that I liked more, when they become Mac Os X.

I had my first Mac as soon I had the money for it: a Macintosh LC.
Since them I have done a lot of DTP, some music and video edit and mac programing, my first app was a game named Tron ( another iteration of the classic one ). LOL
I'd done some other software development projects, but I'd decided stop this tasks and to focus in to making music.

But I felt like "the last man on earth" with some problems with Cubase 5. At the same time, I saw this forum I thought to my self: finally I had found what I was searching: a Mac Os 9 site and DAW focused.

About Mac Os 9 in short: As more systems I have used and I use, the more I like the Mac Os 9.

... well the remaining things are well known.

Was wondering if a thread like this would pop up after someone saw the sub forum on ThinkClassic. Bit different then ThinkClassic, so I will provide different details.

Grew up in the time of my elementary school having Apples, middle school and high school having Mac OS 6 through late OS 8.x and early 9.x machines. Before finishing high school, left Apple/Macintosh a bit (holding onto my Peforma 6400/6500 as long as I could afford multiple computers but ultimately leaving Mac OS behind all together when OS X became the "new os").

Having gotten to play with Windows 3.1 and NT 4.0 all the way through the Windows versions we have today, and many other experiences with Linux/BSD (and many other over the years) along the way..... I still could remember the day I picked up my first new (not hand me down, used, etc) computer. The good old Performa 6400 I enjoyed running Mac OS 7.5 on all the way through to a modified 9.2.0 it was deemed not worthy to run by it's creator. The nostalgia alone, over years culminating a few weeks ago, led me to buy a PowerMac G4 MDD FW800 and a FW400 MDD board to swap in... Only to end up with a complete FW400 as well as someone at work said "Hey, I have one of those if you want it for free)...

People at work know me for a hatred of Mac OS.. In reality, a hatred of what Mac OS became when it got it's "X". "X" just seems like a mistake of all that was good about other non-MicrosoftWindows OSes and even to this day seems like a niche OS that somehow really doesn't have a niche.  ??? Never quite feeling complete, and never feeling as unique or as purely simple as Mac OS did through to 9.2.2.

Today I find myself in forums such as this, looking at running a almost forgotten part of Apple history as Mac OS these days is far from what we were used to in Mac OS 9 and earlier. Ironically, I came to this forum with almost no interest in DAW at all. Just running an old OS that allows me to do things I could easily do on many other more modern operating systems but would never seem the same as the day I did it on the OS I grew up with so long ago.

Installing old apps, games, hardware. I have not purchased so many PCI/AGP cards as I have in the last month. Combining years of knowledge and tech into hardware made almost 13 years ago. I have gotten my FW400 MDD almost to where I want it.. SSD instead of traditional mechanical drive, water cooling (will share images and info if you guys with MDDs want a really quiet MDD for about $50 plus random nuts/bolts).. Once I get it to a point where the hardware is sound and have time to really sit down to work on it for more then an hour or so every few nights, will catch up to what else people in forums like this have been doing with what I think is the only form of Mac OS that ever existed.


--- Quote ---...water cooling (will share images and info if you guys with MDDs want a really quiet MDD for about $50 plus random nuts/bolts)
--- End quote ---

I would love to see that :)

Thanks for the background info

Hello all, my name is Duncan.  Found the site through a Google search for OS 9 information.  I've always loved the classic OS, it's a no frills, get the job done kinda deal and I love it for that.  I haven't used it in at least twelve years, but found the need to get back into it lately.  I recently purchased a G3 Wallstreet from '98 (one of the best looking notebooks if you ask me!) recently with OS 9.2.2. installed and I intend on keeping it that way.

I haven't received the machine yet since I ordered it in the US where it has to be sent to family and finally to me, but I look forward to being an active member here on the forums.  Thanks for having me!


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