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MIDI Interfaces connecting via USB (without audio i/o)

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yamaha ux256 (2000)

motu midi timepiece AV USB (2000)

* uses standard 120v powerlead connection
mac manual:
win manual:
motu usb midi devices require Mac OS 8.6 or later
this device can be networked,daisychained,used in conjunction with other nonUSB "timepiece" units but not "express" units
emagic amt8 (usb / mac rs422 serial / pc rs232 serial)
emagic unitor8 mk II (2001)
what are the differences between emagic midi interfaces?

Motu Midi Express XT USB (2000) 2nd version connects via usb/mac serial, note that the original version connects via mac serial/parallel, parallel pc support dropped
motu usb midi devices require Mac OS 8.6 or later

Motu Midi Express XT USB (2011 2nd USB version re release)

motu midi express 128 (june 2003)

8in 9 out 128 channels
Compatibility - Mac OS9, Mac OS X and Windows Me/2000/XP
USB-Bus-powered from USB connection. No additional power necessary.
emagic mt4 (2000)

Motu Fastlane USB (1999)

originally made to match the fruity imacs:
motu micro express USB (2000)

4 independent MIDI IN
6 independent MIDI OUT (9 actual MIDI OUT ports)
96 MIDI channels
motu micro lite (2003)

5 in 5 out
roland um-550 (2002)

roland um-880 (2002)]
digidesign midi i/o (2002)
steinberg midex 3 (2001)

more info :
roland um-1 (2000)

roland um-1s (2000)

roland um-2 (usb) (1999)

roland um-2ex (2005)

roland um-3ex (2005)


roland um-4 (1999)

Steinberg Midex 8 (2001)

roland super mpu64 (usb)

--- Quote ---motu midi devices supported by os 9
miti timepiece AV (usb/serial) 8ch
miti timepiece AV (serial/parallel) 8ch
micro express (usb/serial) 4/6ch
micro express (serial/parallel) 4/6ch
pocket express (serial/parallel) 2/4ch
fastlane (usb) 2ch
fastlane (serial) 1/3ch
midi express xt (usb/serial) 8ch
midi express xt (serial/parallel) 8ch
micro lite (usb) 5/5ch

--- End quote ---

Opcode midiport 96 (2000)

Opcode Midiport 32 (2000)

connects via usb | 2 in 2 out usb midi device, powered by usb (i think)

--- Quote ---Opcode Systems, a division of Gibson, released it's MIDIport 32 USB MIDI interface for both Macintosh and Windows. Opcode's USB MIDI interfaces correctly handle the "random reboot" problem that can occur when multiple USB MIDI devices are used simultaneously. Without this Opcode-designed feature, USB devices may unpredictably reconfigure after the computer restarts, causing attached MIDI peripherals to move or disappear. Opcode's unique solution consistently tracks each USB MIDI interface and all related MIDI connections boot after boot, Mac or Windows. The MIDIport 32 is a robust MIDI interface for iMacs, blue G3 Macintoshes and USB-equipped Windows 98 PCs. And Newer Driver's are available online.

"Opcode invested significant engineering resources to tame USB and provide a complete MIDI solution for computer musicians." said Tom Sherman, Opcode's VP of Engineering. "The MIDIport 32 has been specially engineered, taking advantage of USB's high-speed connection to provide professional-quality MIDI timing. In addition, MIDIport 32 makes installation on Windows truly simple -- no IRQs, DMAs or I/O addresses -- plug it in and it works."

MIDIport 32 connects any MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) device, such as a synthesizer or drum machine, to a computer, allowing recording and playback with music software. Multiple MIDIport interfaces can be used on a single computer. MIDIport 32 has 2 MIDI ins and outs for 32 MIDI channels. It includes status LEDs for MIDI activity and is powered over USB requiring no external power supply. The package includes a six-foot USB cable and a CDROM of software drivers. The MIDIport 32 works with any OMS compatible Macintosh application such as Opcode's Studio Vision Pro, Vision DSP(tm)and MAX(tm) or Digidesign's Pro Tools(tm) software, and any Windows 98 compatible music software such as Opcode's Musicshop.

"This is Opcode's fourth USB product release in four months," commented Sherman. "Our experience in USB audio and MIDI is unparalleled in the industry and the result is another top quality USB product." Opcode recently released three USB audio interfaces: DATport, SONICport and SONICport Optical. Opcode has also announced a rackmount line of USB MIDI interfaces including the MIDIport 64(tm), MIDIport 12(tm) and STUDIOport(tm), a hybrid MIDI and audio interface. The US Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price of the MIDIport 32 is $149.95.
--- End quote ---]

yamaha ux-16
theres surprisingly alot of these on ebay but all of them are around 50-55 dollars at least. too pricey

Don't forget these!

Midisport manuals:
midisport ebay search:

M-Audio Midisport 1x1:


M-Audio Midisport 2x2:


M-audio midisport 2x4

M-Audio Midisport 4x4:


M-Audio Midisport 8x8/s:


hi Knez; great to see someone else making contribution of info;) glad to see you..

re: your posts.
do you personally have any of those specific revisions of the midisports? because from the research ive done ive been informed that those models do not work.. the drivers for the midisport will only work with the first revisions of these items, (the blue+green looking ones and for the 1x1 the one with the clear/white plastic top) similar rules apply to the m-audio uno usb where they created newer versions that are not compatible with os9

I personally have the silver (like the 8x8 in the picture) version of the 4x4 and it works great on my MDD running 9.2.2. A friend of mine has the green 2x2 one and it works for him on his MDD.

That's all I can confirm :)


--- Quote from: Knez on November 20, 2013, 01:08:47 PM ---I personally have the silver (like the 8x8 in the picture) version of the 4x4 and it works great on my MDD running 9.2.2. A friend of mine has the green 2x2 one and it works for him on his MDD.

That's all I can confirm :)

--- End quote ---

yeah i think theres possibly some issues with the anniversary edition ones, i would consider them to be osx+ only due to what ive read untill i can get a confirmation from someone else! the silver ones maybe are a revision 2 and perhaps the anniv were a 3rd revision....? i know that for sure with the uno cables there was 3 revisions 1 + 2 being ok, and 3 not..

refer to this thread:


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