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64 bits PCI on G4 working and confirmed!

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At least when it comes to tracking, im pretty sure that two PATA drives (preferably 7200rpm) is enough.
I have a 120gb 7200rpm for system and apps and one 250gb 7200rpm for audio and recording.

This is enough for me and my MDD to be able to record 64 mono tracks or 32 stereo tracks at the same time in 48khz and 24bit.
I have though about getting SSD's or RAID two rotating drives on a SATA card, but I can't justify it since what I have now works without any problems :)

Sorry If I went off topic, just wanted to share my experiences.

This question is for Mactron: Is this all on Macos9?
If so what RAID software system are you using?



--- Quote from: Protools5LEGuy on March 19, 2014, 06:07:22 PM ---The average PowerMac user in 2014 spend 10 Euros on a chinese generic SIL 3112 33Mhz pci for 2 sata port for use it at 40/70 Mb/s. It is required to flash it on a PC. I am afraid to ask how much did you spend in this SATA interface.

--- End quote ---

interesting that u post this, it seems they have taken the firmware from this card:

Call for Availability

Item Number: q90239
Vendor Number: 30300-0400-0000

i was previously unaware of this card.. even tho its mostly about the cards bios firmware,
looking closely at the transistor/capacitor layout on this card its very similar to the ones that i have that were programmed for me by "dougg3" a guy from
the 68k mac forums site... (u can see the original thread that resulted in that here:
he said he had to physically change the bios chip to be able to fit the FIRMTEK/SERITEK firmware onto the card..
the firmtek/seritek firmware is the best for os9 because u can boot from both ports
from what i read on that thread... it seems only one of the ports is bootable on the weibetech firmware..
but it seems it is bootable! at least in X... not sure if the people who posted were talking of X or 9..
the screenshots would suggest that they are only trying to boot X. we should try to contact
as hes a member of our forums as well;u=5 and he would know the details for sure. whether this card is capable to boot 9.
but im pretty sure that simply flashing a 3112 card with this firmware isnt equivelent to the firmtek/seritek os9 firmware
and like i said from what i was told the actual bios chip needed to be changed to be able to flash the rom as its bigger in size and was unable to be reduced in size by people who tried to make it fit. but this is all offtopic from this thread..  and deserves its own thread;)

but one things for certain, my SIL3112 card is on duty right now in my powermac g4 sawtooth, and its booting os 9.2 thats for sure;)
but if i look at this card in osx, it will say SeriTek1S2 as the identifier and it thinks its a 1S2 firmtek card

as u can see visually very similar to the wiebetech/cru card above.. they are all similar to each other its the firmware/bios that makes the difference

i referred back to the original thread where we started discussing this just now (

--- Quote ---quote from re: g4 450mhz
"In the default configuration, this model has three open 33 MHz 64-bit PCI slots, and a 133 MHz 2X AGP slot occupied by the graphics card. It also has an open AirPort (802.11b) expansion slot."
so that is why these are not pci-x slots.. because pci-x is 66mhz 64-bit i think?
--- End quote ---

and it seems that these slots are not 66mhz at all.. so my theory of  266mb/s for a 32 bit card is not possible in a g4 apparently!  (but would be possible if the 32bit card was put into a 66mhz capable slot such as those in any 2003+ pc motherboard or a g5 slot is probably 66mhz capable at 32bit)
so that means that mactrons pci-x card, while compatible with a g4, is functioning at its lowest speed thruput (33mhz operation), and would work much faster in a non-g4 computer (such as a g5.. )

--- Quote ---  PCI 64-bit, 33 MHz: 266 MB/s
    PCI 64-bit, 66 MHz: 533 MB/s --speed it would work at in a 66mhz capable slot
--- End quote ---

if we take a look at (for example) my g5s specs:

--- Quote ---This model has "three open full-length PCI-X slots: one 133MHz, 64-bit slot and two 100MHz, 64-bit slots", an 8X AGP Pro slot that "supports up to 2-GBps data throughput" and is occupied by the graphics card, as well as expansion slots for AirPort Extreme (802.11g) and Bluetooth 1.1. --source:
--- End quote ---

so the slots in g5 are able to operate at these higher 100+ mhz speeds.. strange they seemed to skip over 66mhz speed slots entirely.. as even the last mdds all had 33mhz slots..
and then the g5s.. they made with 100-133mhz slots..

but one thing is for sure.. my 32bit card would perform better in a g5.. so if i can get a 64bit card to run in my g4..and put the existing card i have in a g5.. they would both run at 266mb/s.. as the 32bit card running at 66mhz.. and the 64bit card running at 33mhz.. would be equal in performance.

i found this image depicting which slots are which speed on pci-x g5's

the sonnet tempo-x is the ultimate 64bit card, with 4 internal connections + 4 external connections
mac + Windows compatible too!

^^ oops this is OSX only i think.. my bad :(

so.. seritek1s2 = sonnet tempo YES EQUAL
seritek 1v4 etc  != tempo-x, E4P NOT EQUAL

so yea the only card for 64bit 33mhz operation in g4's are the firmtek cards... cant find any other ones anywhere that claim mac os 9 compatibility
i find that kind of annoying that the only one that works can only be bought for 130$ from owc.. ugh


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