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Need FTP SERVER daemon software for mac os 9.22!!!!

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very important i find out what software i can use!!!
answer ASAP! need answer urgently!


NetPresenz is a Classic Macintosh implementation of the WWW, Gopher and FTP server protocols. It is compatible with most web browsers and FTP clients. It allows your Mac to act as an FTP server so you (and others) can access your files from anywhere around the world. You can also host a web site directly from your computer.

NetPresenz requires Mac OS 7.x, 8.x or 9.x. It is not needed on Mac OS X, and we have no plans to update it to work on Mac OS X.

NetPresenz was originally shareware, but we are now releasing it for free. Please click the “I Paid” checkbox in NetPresenz Setup - FTP Setup dialog.

It honors the Users & Groups privileges and passwords, and supports multiple logins, anonymous FTP (user name “anonymous” or “ftp”), as well as MacBinary and BinHex transfers, and the “MACB” FTP command. You can run NetPresenz as a foreground application (displaying the log), or as a background only application, so you can have it running transparently while you work.

For more information about how NetPresenz works refer to the PDF manual.

You can download NetPresenz or the manual.

supernova777: <-- broken link
anyone heard of this FTPd program? sounds familiar


I've uploaded NetPresent 4.1 to my FTP folder. But I insist, you must consider using Hotline soft (also on my FT folder :)


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