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Power Mac G4 Chart - for comparing models (CPU | Cache | etc)

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one additional fact for your list:
According to everymac.com the are three QS models that came with two CPU-types at the same time. I assume they were short of chips and took some older ones. They come either with 7455 or 7450.
https://everymac.com/systems/apple/powermac_g4/index-powermac-g4.html (see for the asterisc and the info in each QS's single spec sheet, when you expand the CPU entry on everymac.com's single QS's spec sheets.)

Models, look at attachment.

that info cant be accurate.. noone has ever seen a 7450 type cpu that is 933mhz or 1.0 ghz??
from what i know to be true at least

everymac.com has been known to have alot of hard to find mistakes

but yes.. it seems like i left out the dual 1ghz quicksilver when i made this chart
actually no? its in there.. just says DP QS near the bottom


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