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Power Mac G4 Chart - for comparing models (CPU | Cache | etc)

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just a note: the 2003 1.25ghz mdd (1mb L3 cache, incorrectly reffered to as 2MB) is noted as achieving a score of 727 on the above chart.
i have acquired one of these machines and just silenced the fans in the psu ;) and u can check its score
on my geekbench account: http://browser.primatelabs.com/user/chrisnova777/geekbench2
(click geekbench2 scores tab) and you will see this machine scores 779 and 780 consistantly when i test it.


here i've created a chronological chart to view the new world rom powermac desktops
ordered by release date


i really need to update this chart to include the g4 fw800 models now i guess huh? :D

of the fw800 models, do any of them have 2MB cache? (i forget)

per your question on what QS models have the 128GB HDD limit:

there was once one page on this site, which listed the part numbers of the logicboards and the specific models in which it was put in.

I remember that page had all info one need at first to get started with OS 9 installation. It had a picture of a coffin and a HDD with an orange 9 on it and other nice icons.
I don't know, where that site has gone, but there you would find the answer.

Also, the reintroduced Single 1,25GHz MDD of 2003 was available BTO with DP 1,25GHz and still OS 9 bootable, would that very last DP model (without FW800! Though 2003) have the L3 cache, too?

Edit: found it differently and in another place:
QuickSilver 733, QuickSilver 800, QuickSilver DP 800, QuickSilver 867, QuickSilver 933, QuickSilver Dual 1 GHz with logic board 820-1342-B (QS logic board 820-1276-A will NOT work and peak out at 128 GB),


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