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All Hail the RXD-629A7-7 IDE/SATA Adapter

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--- Quote from: IIO on April 15, 2020, 02:27:22 PM ---while you are on it... please also test what happens when you use one startech, set
to CS, and one cheap green adapter. the difference between 4 & 17 euro=13 euro.

--- End quote ---

No need to throw your ADP-06 away.

Good news for those budget-minded Quicksilver owners among us that would like to utilize the inexpensive ADP-06 IDE/SATA adapter bridges with two drives on the main HD cable. You don’t have to buy two Addonics or StarTech (both red PCB) adapter bridges. Quicksilver owners (pre-2002 Quicksilvers anyway) need only buy one... and that might just be a Green "Bribge".


Greystash Green “Bribge”



AND maybe not one of the higher priced “RED” bridges, IF the much less-expensive “Bribge” adapters that Greystash has mentioned become available and also work. The “GREEN” PCB bridges use the JM20330 chipset while the “RED” ones use the Marvell chipsets. The questions of data read/write performance and of overall dependability between these two different chipsets rages on. I’ve used a JM20330 bridge in a Quicksilver now for about a year and a half with no problems AND a Marvell-based adapter sled in a Mac Mini and an Addonics (also Marvell chipset) in an external case for just as long.


One ADP-06 works just fine in either a Quicksilver or an MDD - when used by itself. Add another SSD in an MDD on the same ribbon and you then must have two of the Addonics or StarTech adapters. I’ve tried every combination that I could think of with an ADP-06 and a StarTech in an MDD and it’s a definite no-go. It only worked when I used two StarTechs with the jumpers set to Cable Select. And that may be the same for 2002 Quicksilvers as they are rumored to also be Cable Select(?). 

The Quicksilver application is another (better) story.

Using one ADP-06 placed in the Master connector on the ribbon cable and the StarTech (jumpered as Slave) and placed at the end of the ribbon cable… well it works like a dream. [No IIO… not set as CS. I did try that.] Seems that the ADP-06 considers itself as a Master. But If Greystash’s adapters prove suitable and we can get our mitts on ‘em… well, perhaps no more need to ever buy another ADP-06.

Now I just need to fabricate some sort of spacer / mounting-thing to keep the two SSDs apart / level and stable within the Quicksilver’s case. AND Greystash reportedly is planning on a second adapter and plans to test data read/write performance. Hopefully I’ll acquire a couple soon enough to do the same tests within a single QS here, for comparisons. For now, I’m quite happy with the ADP-06 / StarTech combo setup.

$9.33 total for two (not each) for Greystash’s adapters from AliExpress - compared to the $35.08 for (2) StarTechs from NewEgg. That’s a $25.75 difference and I don’t care if they might be just a bit slower. Perhaps someone can find another source for the “Bribges”?

Conventional Drive + SSD

AND if you have an old conventional SATA drive / 40-pin, you can set its’ jumpers as a Slave and place it on the end of the QS ribbon cable with only an ADP-06 & SSD in the Master position on that cable. That works too in the Quicksilver.

so my assumption was right that you only need one startech in a QS 2002? great :P thanks for testing!

we shall call that system "master/select".

wow, great informative post. Thanks for taking the time to share your experience! I wasn't even aware of the second HDD problem. So not all IDE / SATA adapters are created equal!

Just checked mine, yet another model (UP103-5?). Enclosed a photo. Looks similiar to the ADP-06. Didn't work in my MDD 2003 with another HDD on the same ribbon. I figured it was the SSDs fault because I couldn't find any reports on compatibility with PPC Macs.

Might give it another try and see if unplugging that second HDD helps ...

Clarifications or More Mud…

Thanks Bolkonskij, looks like we’ve now another possible low-cost option over the RED Marvell chipset-based adapters and even though I can’t quite make out the printing on that chip, I’d guess that it’s a member of the •JM20330 chipset family. (aka: The “GREEN TEAM”) The JP103-5 adapter.

Bolkonskij's JP103-5 adapter - the "Bribge" challenger.

Especially good when one considers that little jumper (Red arrow) “PJ2” on the PCB, clearly marked Master / Slave. Perfect for the pre-2002 Quicksilvers and OK if only one on an MDD’s cable. (“There can be only one”) A very quick search here just now yields several possible sources for that adapter (other than direct from China or via AliExpress?).

Side question: Did you get an overclocked, dual processor CPU from Knezzen for your Power Mac G4, Dual 1.67 Ghz? An MDD, correct? (PM me.)

And IIO… not so sure about 2002 Quicksilvers per-se. All the Quicksilvers here are pre-2002 models BUT they all do have Version “B” boards - which allow them the access & use of larger HDs. (Yes, getting muddier and less-clear now.)

Supposedly, the 2002 Quicksilvers went to the Cable Select setup, which might make them more like the CS MDD’s HD setting requirements. Strange when one considers all the HD ribbon cables in my older pre-2002 Quicksilvers have the notched cables (like the MDD cable selects) BUT mine all require Master / Slave settings. What were you saying before IIO, about things getting complicated and Apple not always sticking to certain specs? Ha-ha! It depends!

Anyone here have an actual 2002 model Quicksilver? And then again, maybe my pre-2002 Quicksilvers were updated or modified with MOBOs from the 2002 models? They still require Master/Slave settings. So, who knows?

Guess I’ll be looking to buy some JP103-5 adapters anyway.
Thanks IIO & Bolkonskij.

UPDATE: Well it looks like all of the JP103-5 ship from China and while they are very inexpensive, I have a personal aversion to ordering direct from China. So, it looks like the same hurdle (for me) when ordering Greystash's "Bribge" adapters from AliExpress. Anyone having a U.S. or European source for either of these would be greatly appreciated. There is a source in Florida (U.S.) that has only two of the JP103-5 for $8.99 each + $14.00 for shipping... which puts them back in the Marvell-based (RED) adapter cost range. (Be certain to check for the Master/Slave jumpers when ordering from anywhere.) And Bolkonskij, do please report your findings concerning use with single drive in your G4. Thanks.

JP-103-5 is the most common and the cheapest, that´s the ones i use everywhere.

@sataman recommends against them because of these two big capacitors might not last until the end of time.


until know we called it best practice to avoid bidirectional adapters. but i would also like to bring them one into play.

i have one conrad electronics (14 euro with cables, cased, no jumpers but sexy switches) and one csl (9 euro, has a 4 pin jumper)

both once didnt work to connect SATA optical drives to QS 2001 and QS 2002 (but maybe i am just to stupid). maybe they would work right for the first HD?

a case is not the worst idea...


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