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How much is safe overclock a G3 ?

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I would rather keep the case. A mac is also design then i must figure out how to insert the fan within. In a old 4400 i had the battery exhausted, a strange cubic thing which no one produce anymore and i managed to replace it with a big alkaline 4.5V battery (isolated from the logic board with an artigianal plastic protection, if it should loses acid) recycling the original electrical connector.
The 4400 case is bad, tipical of pc of that era, but it has got a lot of space for work.

Overclocking the Beige G3s can be completely different. I had 3 G3s DTs with 233MHz that I overclocked. The best one still works with 292Mhz @ 83 systembus, the worst one shutted down already at 263 MHz @ 66,
So I am not sure it is a temperature issue that you are facing. What version do you own, a Tower or DT?

And finally I would not try tiger, it is extremely frustrating at G3s! OS 9.x feels 10 times faster.

Desktop version. I bought some nice things that I will assemble soon: a silent 12v 40 mm fan which will be placed where there was the hard drive and a thermometer for aquarium so I will be able to compare the real temperatures with those detected by the software. Soon SGRAM and full RAM expansion will be added too.
But still looking for usb and udma controller...


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