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Display calibration / profiling in OS9

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Does anyone here have experience in calibrating displays in Classic enviroment? If so, what software did you use 'back then'?
Being mostly audio oriented user, I never paid enough attention to this issue until recently, when I got deeply into color management and display profiling in OSX. I thought it would be fun to calibrate displays on my old Macs too, but I can't locate any Classic software for this task. I'd be thankful for any leads.

P.S. I am using Gretag Macbeth (now x-Rite) Eye-One Pro (i1Pro) spectrophotometer.


Spent endless hours trying to track down a version of the i1Profiler that worked with OS 9 (tried every variation of url and datestamped resource on Wayback)

Contacted x-rite about it and it seems like they scrubbed the page. Cant find the actual page referencing it anymore.

Was never able to successfully download it, but here is the dead link, this is what you are looking for:

Please let the community know if you find something.

vectrex, what measurement device are you using?

I've spent well over a week researching what profiling software was available for OS9 and here's what I've come up.
My research was concentrated solely on software for 'industry standart' i1Pro spectrophotometer.
I ignored anything that was ment for lesser devices - i.e. colorimeters, which might be dead/deteriorated by now anyway.

1. Monaco Systems - acquired by x-Rite, old software discontinued

a) MonacoProof up to ver. 3.6 (scaled down MonacoProfiler, dongle c/p, limited functionality in demo mode)

b) MonacoProfiler up to ver. 4.5 (very powerful, dongle c/p, limited functionality in demo mode)

2. Gretag Macbeth - acquired by x-Rite, old software discontinued

a) ProfileMaker up to ver. 4.1 (very powerful, dongle c/p, limited functionality in demo mode)

b) Eye-One Match up to ver. 2.0.3 (full functionality depending on EEPROM activated options of i1Pro device)

c) Eye-One Match ver. 3.0.1 and 3.1 (!) (same as 2.03, display profiling only)

d) Eye-One Share up to ver. 1.4 (free, good for ambient and flash light measurement + other features. sluggish)

e) ColorLab up to v. 2.8.12 (free, experimental, very sloooooow)

3. basICColor - still active, but old software is not available for download

basICColor Display v. 3.0 (features and quality unknown, v. 5.x.x for OSX seems to be good)

4. Quato - makers of High-End Monitors and software, went belly-up in August 2013

Quato iColor Display v. 2.5, maybe 2.5.4

Software still downloadable from, but key number is needed to make it work. (Anyone?) ;)
Version 3.8.x for OSX is, in my opinion, very good. In fact, I like it better than basICColor and i1Profiler.

P.S. I have #2 b, c, d and e.

wow, thanks for this info!

I am using an i1pro with OS X, but as i described, was unable to find the matching i1pro (beta?) os software for OS 9.

So you have the Gretag software working with the i1pro in os9?


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