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question re: usb serial adapters + software dongles

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this is slightly leaning towards the pc side of things
please forgive
but im curious
does anyone know if USB to Serial 9pin adapters would work for my logic Serial dongle?
i saw somewhere else on the net syntho was asking about if the pc serial dongle would work to authorize the mac version of the app
im curious about this aswell as i have the pc platinum serial dongle sitting here in front of me

ive never tried any real "serial" to usb via adapters before
i dunno i guess i kind of figured it would be a waste of time?
but im curious to know if anyone has any experience with using seerial to usb adapters? if at all?
or in combination with software dongles (and/or midi interfaces?)

I can tell you that many "CISCO" technicians that try USB to serial adapters give up and buy old notebooks to manage legacy Cisco equipment.  I have not seen the adapters work well, yet some say they are usable for their needs... go figure

yes i have a friend that says the same.. but i look at him  like hes got two heads when he says sch things lol

USB is always a last resort for me. I'd just install a proper serial port.

How I see it is that serial data is reliable because it arrives on time. If I wanted fast transfer of bulk data, I would use a protocol/medium optimized for that instead. What I have always hated about USB is that it was devised as a "good enough" compromise to do both of these things, but does neither of them better than anything else. Also, I hate the flimsy connectors. The only good thing about USB has ever been that is cheap.

Look for FTDI chipset based usb to serial devices. avoid Farallon or other cheaper generic chipsets. You will have to do some research, but the manufacturer should be specific in listing these details.

I have never used these types of devices in OS9, but I would imagine they would work just the same, worth a shot.

Another advantage of FTDI is that they list drivers for OS 9 here at the bottom:

The download seems to work, haven't tried installing myself.

In OS X, ive had quite a bit of success with FTDI based usb to serial devices for doing things like file transfer to my Apple IIe via ADTPro, communicating with Arduino and other serial devices...etc.

Hope this helps.


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