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Mac OS 9 booting on: PowerBook G4 17" Aluminum 5,1 (Detailed Posts)

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i am thinking of running machines like that headless (think "synthesizer", "effect", "render cluster")

maybe there is a way how to get rid of the GPU components, by deregistering it somehow? or by building a little fake driver which doesnt really do anything eycept pretending it would work?

as we know OS9 wont boot correctly when the GPU isnt supported. but maybe one can deinstall/destroy/ignore it totally and then the OS could boot and operate.

in these days i am playing through various scenarios where i am using Xserves and minis as a standalone-something in both, OSX and OS9.

the two main problems with that are:

 - how to set the accounts for the remote software (in firewire mode)

 - OR: how to get at aleast one useful screen resolution in order to be at least partially able to remote the machine.

 - the possible need of an OSX-reinstall (for OS9-only i could use clone images like you do)

these aluminium powerbooks would be just perfect to rip off the mainboards and put 8 of them in a big rackmount enclosure for the ultimative OS9 server farm.

Oh ya, sure. (Just my Luck.) Recently acquired a near-immaculate Aluminum 5,5 PowerBook G4 17" 1.5GHz (No L3 cache), 2GB RAM. It's really pretty... but so what. And yup, ATI Mobility Radeon 9700. No OS 9... so what indeed is the point of living?

Time to get the cocoanut halves and horsey gallop, in search of a shrubbery. (Enveloped in envy.)

you can use it for something which is OSX PPC exclusive. that is not much... but if you try hard... and the G4 minis and powerbooks have a built-in audio IO.

Spear? Artmatic Voyager? Powercore Firewire with Noveltech Character? (Wolfenstein ET? ;))

Gosh IIO, you've saved me. (Gets down off chair, removes noose from around neck.) IT DOES HAVE WOLFENSTEIN!



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