Author Topic: AGP + PCI graphics cards in tandem  (Read 224 times)

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AGP + PCI graphics cards in tandem
« on: June 03, 2017, 02:31:40 AM »
I just got a Radeon 9250 256 MB card to tinker with, and tinker I did. Flashed a reduced ROM, adjusted the resistors accordingly (while wishing I had much better soldering equipment), updated the OS 9 driver extensions, and it seems to work swimmingly thus far, albeit with half the RAM. At least it's got the full 128-bit memory interface, unlike all those pesky 9200 SEs.

Except, well, I still haven't replaced the Radeon 7000 this MDD came downgraded with in the AGP slot, and all my games still seem to prioritize that for rendering despite the 9250 bearing a far superior GPU and twice the VRAM. I may have no choice but to yank out that AGP card and go PCI for a while.

OS X fares far worse than just not having Quartz Extreme, though; the VGA output on the 9250 is actually extremely discolored on top of not having resolution adjustments! If just having the 9250 in there gimps OS X performance, that outright sinks my plan to have Core Image and OS 9 acceleration right in the same box.

If it comes down to that, though, I wouldn't call it a waste. It's gross overkill for my Power Mac 6500, but the integrated 3D Rage II in that thing leaves a lot of room for improvement, with the Voodoo2 I have in there right now not doing anything about its lackluster 2D capabilities.

I still need to test more things with this setup, though, like the DVI outputs and just running without an AGP card to begin with.