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Classilla. Pretty amazed to discover the existence of this browser
about 2mos ago. Kudos to the Code Warriors who make such things
happen. Kinda the ultimate in Open Sourcing to keep older systems
humming. After all, the ultimate recycling program means you never
threw anything away in the first place.

To experience.

Hi, when you were finding these themes did you happen to find any tutorials for CREATING themes?

Brian Deuel:

--- Quote from: coldtea on September 28, 2017, 01:06:36 PM ---Hi, when you were finding these themes did you happen to find any tutorials for CREATING themes?

--- End quote ---

Sorry, no (and sorry for the delay in replying), but I must admit that I never really looked. Finding the themes themselves was tunneling through a lot of old pages, finding broken links, and plugging them into hoping to find downloadable themes. As time is now in short supply, I can't see myself digging around like that again.


--- Quote from: Brian Deuel on August 12, 2016, 09:40:48 PM ---For those interested, I've gathered all of the working Classilla themes that I could find, via Wayback Machine and other random sites that still exist, and put them all up on a page so others could install or download them if they so desire. I included shots of each theme and a javascript installer (that I took from one of the archived pages) on the page.

I've tested many different themes and these are the ones that truly work. If anyone knows of any others to add to the page, let me know using the email address listed on the page.

--- End quote ---


it seems that the page where you posted these themes is no longer available, with the '404 Not Found' message popping up on Classila and modern Safari (iPhone) browswers. Is there any chance these themes were posted onto Macintosh Garden or some other forum?


Brian Deuel:
The site is back up at the same URL. Looks like the directory got munged on the host's server, but it's fixed now.


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