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MIDI Interfaces connecting via USB (without audio i/o)

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--- Quote from: user2020 on June 17, 2020, 04:39:45 AM ---I would be very interested in hearing how he got it to work, because it certainly doesn't work with my Anniversary Edition and the driver offered in the M-Audio driver thread.

--- End quote ---

I seem to recall the problem with the anniversary editions was that the hardware changed at some point during its production, and it was a dice roll if you got one that worked with OS9. the "surefire" way to get a working one was to find the grey/white/black version. Ive got one of those and its always worked great in both 9 and X.

I have a Digidesign MIDI IO (USB) that I replaced this week with the new MOTU 128 on my (OSX) PTHD Rig.

I can try the MIDI IO on OS9 as there are drivers available and post what I can learn.

The Opcode Studio 4 or Studio 5 (I would personally rather have 2 Studio 4s) are a great solution that I remember being rock solid back in the day.


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