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flashing + mods for various cards for os9 (9250, 9000, 7000)

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im surprised on macelite theres no info about flashing 9200 radeon pci cards (for use in agp ppc machines as second display or a pci only b&W g3)
undoubtedly because they choose to focus on mac os x + faster cards
they do have this pag on modding the 9250

at the bottom of the page he says :

--- Quote ---Actually, RADEON9250 PCI or AGP cards can also be accelerated under OS9 with drviers I made. Feel free to send me an PM and I will be glad to help you. Be sure that you must let me believe that you are an end user but not an e-bay (or other sites) seller.

--- End quote ---
but it doesnt say WHO is the person to PM or email

i believe we have those files (recently reposted by mactron)

why am i reposting this?
im trying to figure out a good available radeon 9200/9250 PCI pc card.. to flash!!!
it seems all cards dont work because this resistor modification needs to be done

i tried to flash the card that i have which is a powercolor 9250

and the flash worked fine.. but the video was scrambled..
i beleive thats because of this resistor..
and because i was using it in a 66mhz pci slot (on the g3 b&W)

ok i see now the above was written by "tomeJapan" who is a member on the cube owners forum

also the macelite forums are down
but the strangedogs forums are UP!


also i found this page on radeon 9000 (pc flash)


this page is on the 7000
apparently this requires swapping the rom + resoldering


--- Quote from: chrisNova777 on April 20, 2015, 01:13:22 PM ---they do have this pag on modding the 9250 ...

--- End quote ---

I have a PC Radeon 9250 somewhere...

BTW: Don't forget about Radeon 8500.
The Mac Os 9 Radeon 8500 ROM update app, actually flash a PC card to a Mac Radeon 8500!  ;D

I have done it five years ago, when I have found a PC Radeon 8500 boxed and unopened.  8)
This is a true video card Flash for dummies.


on this page someone reports success flashing HIS + SAPPHIRE radeon 92x0
this one has 256mb is that too much?


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