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Youtube with Mac OS 9

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Just wanted to report that wabisukenohana did a new version of his "Youtube Browser for Classilla" 2 weeks ago. This pice of software is abolutely great and works now as well with YT ssl and all the latest changes  they did. It even brings YT back to the very first G3/233 Macs (in small resolutions) and is really usable with nice G4 machines.

Another nice effect is, you can enjoy YT without all the nasty commercials! ;)

wow.. am i dreaming??  ;D

Wonderful! I looked for a newer, working version in January, but to no vain.
Great to be able to use Youtube in OS9 again :)

Hey that's GREAT! I'll have to check that out... haven't had the G4 online in about 6 years! ;D

Awesome news!

Please, Mat, tell Wabisukenohana to join the forum.

--- Quote ---YTBfC is a Byblos stele that enables Classilla to play YouTube videos.
--- End quote ---

What is a Byblos stele?

--- Quote ---Like the famous Rosetta Stone stele which enabled the translation of Egyptian hieroglyphs from ancient Greek and Demotic scripts (and Apple's Rosetta, allowing superior older PowerPC code to run on newer inferior x86 processors), the Byblos steles you can create for Classilla can allow modern web pages to be rewritten dynamically for Classilla's older layout engine and those of us continuously inhabiting Mac OS 9.
--- End quote ---


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