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ADC to DVI to HDMI mods

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Using a ADC to DVI cable with a DVI to HDMI cables gives no Image

I searched info on google and came to

--- Quote ---jbob30
Just in case anyone needs this same information, I found the answer to my problem. After researching the pinouts of ADC, DVI, and HDMI connectors, I found there were two pins available in the DVI and HDMI connectors, which were not available in the ADC connector. They are on pins 14 and 16 in the DVI connector and pins 18 and 19 on the HDMI connector. They are +5v and "Hot Plug Detect". Since these are not available on the ADC connector what I did to fix it was strip back the DVI to HDMI cable on the DVI end, and then take apart the DVI end of the ADC to DVI adaptor. I then ran a jumper wires from pins 14 and 16 of the DVI adaptor to pins 14 and 16 of the DVI end of the DVI to HDMI cable. I plugged the cables in and booted up and both monitors were detected and auto set to the proper resolution. I have a great picture on both now. Anyway, I just thought I would pass the info on.
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ADC pinout
DVI pinout

HDMI pinout

ADC to DVI pinout

This is a very interesting info. I always wished to make a ADC (video card) to HDMI ( display ) cable. One on of hard points is to find the ADC male connector.

I got the ADC to DVI cable + the DVI to HDMI cable and that combo to my Samsung 32" TV do not work.

But I do not understand the instructions...  :P

I have found the female ADC at:

35 pin Apple ADC "MicroCross" (34 Pin DVI-I D-Sub)

... now we have to find the male version and we can make a cable to connect an ADC video card to a HDMI  display.


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