Author Topic: Geforce4 Titanium Rom Maker  (Read 59207 times)

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Re: Geforce4 Titanium Rom Maker
« Reply #75 on: July 25, 2020, 06:37:06 AM »
Were there any breakthroughs in figuring out how to edit supported Device IDs into the Mac OS 9 NVidia drivers since this thread was last updated? While I got a bunch of different Ti4600s already, I also got two 900XGLs and one 750XGL. Hardware-modding their Device ID by changing resistors into an already-supported ID is a cool option to have, because at least it is one option, but I think it goes without saying a software solution, such as getting the NVidia drivers to acknowledge other IDs, is much preferred.

While on-topic, I guess I might emphasize that it seems the 900XGL is as far as OS 9 can currently get in the GPU department, unless brand-new drivers were made for superior cards, which goes way beyond "mere" editing in Device IDs into existing drivers.

Hi! I'd like to try this but would appreciate some further information - is the ROM maker utility all you need to flash the card or does this require another program?

Hi! The ROM maker utility only yields you the ROM you will need for flashing, but won't do the flashing procedure itself. For example, I got a 900XGL ROM and a 750XGL ROM by doing the following:

- Put GPU into an AGP PC, boot into FreeDOS via a USB drive;
- Run flashing program (NVFlash 4.46) with command "nvflash -b romName.rom" to get the PC ROM from it;
- Turn everything off, plug-in USB drive into a PPC Mac-OS-X-compatible Mac (I tried with Tiger), run program, select PC ROM, type in the name of the newly-generated Mac ROM;
- Put Mac ROM back into the USB drive, turn Mac off, put USB drive into the AGP PC, turn AGP PC on, flash the Mac ROM with command "nvflash -5 -6 newRom.rom". (Or is command "nvflash -4 -5 -6 newRom.rom" necessary? Though I think not.)

You can get to see if the program sees/recognizes your GPU with the command "nvflash --list", and see if your GPU is listed there, before flashing.

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Re: Geforce4 Titanium Rom Maker
« Reply #76 on: February 19, 2022, 05:51:16 AM »
Hello All!

I have a huge request to share the original ROM for Gainward ti (dual DVI) or Mac ROM for this card

After the firmware, I put the card in G4, and i saw artifacts and osX did not start

The fact is that the ROMmaker utility did not help with the mac ROM.
I returned the backup rum but the card does not start (I see it in the NVflash utility, but there is no picture).
Perhaps the backup.rom was created with an error, I attach it here, the original ROM file

My PC setup
Supermicro P6DBS Motherboard

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Re: Geforce4 Titanium Rom Maker
« Reply #77 on: February 19, 2022, 04:31:43 PM »
After the firmware, I put the card in G4, and i saw artifacts and osX did not start

Kind of sounds like bad VRAM on the card itself... was the card working perfectly before flashing ?

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Re: Geforce4 Titanium Rom Maker
« Reply #78 on: February 28, 2022, 04:59:30 AM »
current average ebay prices for ti 4600 (128mb) are > than the prices for GTX 1050 (4000mb) (while "regular" 4MX comes free with broken quicksilvers.)

ive given up the idea after all the years, it just doesnt make sense for me. i rather abandone 3D support and use a GF7 to attach bigger monitors.
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