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Geforce4 Titanium Rom Maker

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i am thinking of grabbing this.. even tho it is not 4600 and only 4400 i think it would still be good

the difference is slight core clock speed 300 vs 325mhz? i think?

We have DieHard report about the ASUS V8460 ULTRA succesfully  flashed with the PC GeForce 4 Ti4600 (Arti) 1105  ROM,

... and my (MacTron) failed with the Quadro 900:

... but we are still in on track for Dual DVI nVidia 4600 cards. There are a few from MSI and Grainward, but may be those are really Geforce4 Ti 4800:  the AGP8X version of the Geforce4 Ti whith the GPU NV28. Here we have to be carefull, as the AGP8X cards need hardware modifications and the NV28 may be not compatible with Mac Os 9 nVidia drivers

Chris, this have your name:


--- Quote from: Protools5LEGuy on January 02, 2015, 07:52:54 PM ---Chris, this have your name:

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yes i have the guys number already hes selling to me for 35$ cash

A very interesting card is the Gainward Ultra/750. But this card appears in different versions, some based on the ti 4800SE ( AGP8X and NV 28), others based on to ti4600 (AGP4X and NV 25) ...

In some cases the data are confusing ...

The worst thing is to think, if this dual DVI 4600 are too similar to those Quadro 900 ...


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