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Geforce4 Titanium 4600 PC to Mac Flash. A preliminary study:

The nVidia Geforce4 Titanium 4600 is by far the fastest video card available for Mac Os 9. This card is based on the NV25 engine @300 Mhz with 128MB of of Samsung @325 Mhz DDR (2.8ns) Video RAM. The Mac version comes with a DVI port and a ADC (Apple Display Connector).

 It is important to know the all Geforce4 family to avoid mistakes:

Geforce4 MX (NV17) is an enhanced version of the Geforce2.
Geforce4 Go (NV17) is a movile version of the Geforce4 MX.
Geforce4 Ti (NV25) the 4200,4400 are downgraded versions of the 4600.
Geforce4 Ti (NV28), is the AGP8X version of the Geforce4 Ti. Here we have to be carefull, as the AGP8X cards need hardware modifications and the NV28 may be not compatible with Mac Os 9 Nvidia drivers. This card can be labeled as Geforce4 Ti 4800, Ti 4600 8X, Ti 4800 SE, 4200 8X etc...


- We have to find a PC card that best match the Ti4600 Mac  specifications.
- Find the firmware and the flash process, probably similar to other nvidia cards.
- And find the hardware modifications. Probably AGP pinout and voltage related...

it would be very nice to have a dual DVI Ti4600... such as the one by Gainward
as the pc type test subject of the flash/mod (both?)

i think we should have a thread specifically on dual-dvi capable cards

i beleive another dual dvi card is the x800XT but its of course not for mac os 9, panther,tiger only
if anyone knows any others. maybe we can make a list of all mac compatible dual dvi cards in a new thread
i dont think it will be a very long list tho ;D

another note im thinkin is... the ti4400, + ti4200 are still great cards too.. it would be great to see some
pc versions of them fixed to work in mac os 9 aswell... they would still perform great compared to the other geforce/radeon cards

then again i guess the dual dvi is not so much a big deal when u can find a ADC to DVI adapter converter

Yes, I agree on to Dual DVI is the best option. I don't expect to find ADC in to PC cards. LOL
Usually DVI include analog signals (VGA), but not the opposite.

This ADC to DVI is to Mac Video cards. The opposite is more complex and very rare, as it must incorporate USB and power.

Here we have most of the info we need:

They have flashing tools and techniques . And a lot of ROMs, including ones for Nvidia Ti 4600 and Quadro 4 700 XGL.
We only have to find the right PC video cards to begin to test ...


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