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Classilla 9.3.3! New version October 2014!

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I am subscribed to the OS9 group of LowEndMac and this came today from Cameron Kaiser

--- Quote ---This version has an important overhaul of its internal TLS/SSL system,
including support for certificates signed with SHA-256 (the cause of many
-8182 errors on certain sites) and TLSv1 Server Name Indication (which will
reduce certificate mismatches). In addition, TLSv1 is now the preferred
way for accessing HTTPS sites due to intrinsic security weaknesses in SSL.
SSLv2 is now disabled by default and will be removed completely in a future
version, and SSLv3 is considered deprecated and will be disabled by default
in a future version. It remains only as a fallback for sites that cannot
negotiate TLSv1.
As a future-proofing mechanism, certificates signed with algorithms Classilla
does not yet support are now non-fatal errors and can be overridden. However,
overriding any certificate can cause you to inadvertently send data to a
malicious third party successfully masquerading as a trusted site, especially
if you are on a network you don't trust. This should be much less necessary
in this version and should be only used as a last resort. A certificate that
fails a *known* signing algorithm is still always fatal. Combined with the
changes above, Classilla now has by far the most advanced encryption suite
available on the classic Mac OS.
In addition, Byblos, the Classilla page rewriting engine, has been expanded to
allow scripts to run from Documents:Byblos: (so your old scripts don't get
blown away with an update) and new built-in scripts are added for Bing and
DuckDuckGo. There are also fixes to layout, user agents and mail-news, and
updated root certificates.
TenFourFox is taking up a disproportionate portion of my time, and because it
is the browser I use almost all the time, it gets first priority. But I still
want to work on Classilla because I love the Classic Mac OS, and I hope that
I'll have sufficient time to continue to work on it in the future. For now,
this will fix many of the major problems with accessing sites and still keep
OS 9 users truckin'. You can get it from the usual place:
------------------------------------ personal: --
  Cameron Kaiser * Floodgap Systems * *
-- Please dispose of this message in the usual manner. -- Mission: Impossible -
--- End quote ---

I wish help would come to Cameron to enhance Classilla

--- Quote ---Classilla isn't going to get there without your help
Classilla sure needs users: users appear in server logs, and remind site owners that the whole world isn't using Windows or Internet Explorer. But to continue to advance, Classilla needs contributors -- and you can help out even if you don't know the first thing about developing for OS 9.

Can't code in C or OS 9, but you know a lot about HTML and CSS? Become a distiller and help turn malfunctions into test cases, so that coders can devise specific, targetted fixes. Find out how on the Classilla Wiki.

Know enough C/C++ to be dangerous? Become a coder and help integrate Mozilla patches into Classilla, or even write completely new features. You don't even have to know much about Mac programming to be helpful -- if you know CodeWarrior at all, come help out. Find out how on the Classilla Wiki.
--- End quote ---

Wonderful! Going to install this as soon as I get home! :)

Just updated (writing this from Classilla 9.3.3) and it feels a bit more speedy than 9.3.2 on this 1GHZ TiBook :)

I find that Classilla 9.3.3 really has trouble loading web pages.

I have several AOL email accounts and when i launch the AOL web site it is just a garbled mess.

It is also the same with many other web pages.


--- Quote from: MacGuy on February 03, 2015, 09:16:16 PM ---I find that Classilla 9.3.3 really has trouble loading web pages.

I have several AOL email accounts and when i launch the AOL web site it is just a garbled mess.

It is also the same with many other web pages.

--- End quote ---

Hi MacGuy,
  Have you tried comparisons between version 9.2.3 (which I understood was the last version they did before going mainly for the "mobile" web) and version 9.3.3.?


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