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Mac OS 9 booting on: iMac G4 Flat-panel (Detailed Posts)

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After the success on Mac Os 9 boot on the unsupported MDD FW800:

This thead is open to discuss the Mac Os 9 boot on the unsupported iMac G4.
A good starting point may be from this post on 68kmla:

Cloaked Alien:
Posting here to chime in as I've got an iMac G4 Globe (aka: iLamp) that I want to run Mac OS 9. It's the 1GHz 17" model.

I haven't quite wrapped my head around what's needed to be done just yet. Firmware update/flash or Mac OS Rom hack? (Mac OS Rom is loaded from bootable media, is it not?)


Can you ask iMac600 to post the Modified ROM taken from the OS9General.dmg ?

I think he did great work there, but dome newbies may be a little scared doing file Hex Edits...why re-invent the wheel if he can provide the modified ROM file.

We can repackage and make a "Beta Test OS 9 General" for testing on unsupported models (that are close in hardware spec. to approved models)

Cloaked Alien:
I'm currently creating install media for OS X 10.4 to properly check my specs on my iMac G4. I don't mind doing some tests, especially if it helps the rest of the community.

Cloaked Alien:
Here are my, relevant, specs:
Machine Model: PowerMac6.1
CPU Type: PowerPC G4 3.3
CPU Speed: 1GHz
Memory: 768MB
Bus Speed: 133MHz
Boot Rom Version: 4.5.9f1
Graphics: Geforce4 MX


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