Join Hotline

Mac OS 9 Lives! runs its own Hotline server at and is awaiting your visit!

If you have no idea what Hotline is or how cool it is, Nathan Powers made an excellent video about Hotline. We highly recommend watching it either as a Quicktime movie on or on modern Hardware on YouTube.

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I'm old-style! I don't like watching videos

hotline connect file list Fine with us! Hotline is a client-server based system that allows logged in users to live-chat with other members and download files from the server. It's written for Mac OS from the ground up - for example, Hotline saves the resource forks of uploaded files. There is no need for StuffIt archives!

Sounds great! How do I join?

You need a Hotline client to be able to join us. We usually discuss the future of the site, the platform, the weather, the Hotline server and everything in between. Grab a client from the list below and connect to See you there!

Client suggestions (for everyone!):