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achieving fastest dvd reads + writes
« on: March 27, 2014, 05:51:23 AM »

so i was just looking inside my mdd 867mhz
and i realized it says ATA33 on the ide connection that the cd/dvd drives are connected to..
2 connections near that area..
1x ATA33, and 1 x ATA66,
i believe the ATA100 connection is over at the back near the processor + rear of the machine
which would make that the preferred location for your boot drive? having your disk on the faster ata-100 connection..
but of course on mine, im using the Sata PCI adapter for my boot drive from a sata drive..
which has left both the ata-66 + ata-100 connections empty..
i just tried to plug the cd/dvd drives into the ATA-66 connection
but the cable was too short to reach!
which leaves me wondering..are all cd/dvds unable to read at ata-66 speeds anyway?
or was this a limitation of 2002 era.. ? and also leaves me wondering that.. if i was to swap out this ide cable
for a longer one, would there be any benefit of attaching my cd/dvd drives to the available ATA-66
ide connection... i wonder if this would yielf faster install times when installing from cd/dvd media?
or faster disc burning times?

perhaps they made this cable short because cd/dvd drives of 2002 were not able to reach throughput exceeding the bandwidth
of ATA-33 connection? my next question would be.. how fast is the fastest cd/dvd drive in mb/s throughput?

im now looking up further info on the topic of ata bandwidth related to cd/dvds
this thread speculates that having a slower ata-33 device as a master on an ata-66 connection would slow down the other device to ata-66 speed
no question there is a difference in speed between ata-33 + ata-66... now i just have to find out what speed my dvd drive is capable of..

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Re: MDD ide connections - ATA33 vs ATA66 vs ATA100
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Common data transfer speeds for CD-ROM drives
Transfer speed   KiB/s   Mbit/s   MiB/s [10]   RPM
1×   150   1.2288   0.146   200–500
2×   300   2.4576   0.293   400-1,000
4×   600   4.9152   0.586   800–2,000
8×   1,200   9.8304   1.17   1,600–4,000
10×   1,500   12.288   1.46   2,000–5,000
12×   1,800   14.7456   1.76   2,400–6,000
20×   1,200–3,000   up to 24.576   up to 2.93   4,000 (CAV)
32×   1,920–4,800   up to 39.3216   up to 4.69   4,800 (CAV)
36×   2,160–5,400   up to 44.2368   up to 5.27   7,200 (CAV)
40×   2,400–6,000   up to 49.152   up to 5.86   8,000 (CAV)
48×   2,880–7,200   up to 58.9824   up to 7.03   9,600 (CAV)
52×   3,120–7,800   up to 63.8976   up to 7.62   10,400 (CAV)
56×   3,360–8,400   up to 68.8128   up to 8.20   11,200 (CAV)
72×   6,750–10,800   up to 88.4736   up to 10.5   2,000 (multi-beam)


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Re: MDD ide connections - ATA33 vs ATA66 vs ATA100
« Reply #2 on: March 27, 2014, 06:02:52 AM »

according to this ATA-33 is top speed of 33.3 mb/s

ok so from this information we can say
that the issue of not "Reaching full potential speed"
will only arise if u have a cd/dvd that is 32 speed or higher

anything less and there is no potential speed lost :)
assuming in this chart above that cd is the same as "dvd"

what speed were the original apple cd/dvds that shipped with the machine?

Standard Optical:   8X "Combo Drive"   Standard Disk:   None
Details:   Apple reported that the 8X DVD-ROM/CD-RW Combo drive "reads DVDs at 8X, writes CD-R at 16X, writes CD-RW at 10X, and reads CDs at 32X". By custom order, it also could be configured with a second optical drive. Both optical drives use a EIDE (ATA-3) bus.

Unlike the "Quicksilver 2002" that it replaced, an internal Zip 250 drive was not available build-to-order.
ok so there we have it!

8x this is a non issue
after a quick check on ebay i cant see any parallel ata drives faster then 14x
and i did see some sata cd/dvd that were listed as 24x

not sure if there are any that go faster then 32x

ok so even if u were to buy a new 24x sata dvd reader/writer
and attach it to ATA-33 port via a Sata-Pata adapter
this would be more than enough bandwidth for the connection
and u would have a much faster dvd read speed
with potentially a speed jump frm 8x to 24x this is 3 times as fast
and maybe it is worth the 25$ for sata drive + adapter,2447.html,2447-2.html,2447-3.html,2447-4.html,2447-5.html,2447-6.html <-- chart here,2447-7.html <-- benchmarks,2447-8.html <-- more benchmarks,2447-9.html <-- even more benchmarks (lol),2447-13.html <--- conclusion
according to this chart it lists cd-r at 48x and cd-rw at 32x!

so then perhaps there is a gain to having your cd/dvd attached to a ata-66 connection instead of ata-33!

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Re: MDD ide connections - ATA33 vs ATA66 vs ATA100
« Reply #3 on: March 27, 2014, 01:50:23 PM »
so then perhaps there is a gain to having your cd/dvd attached to a ata-66 connection instead of ata-33!
May be...
But ATA-33 can theoretically feed a DVD writer up to 24x and a CD writer up to 220x !
I think you must avoid such writing speed :) , because the optical quality may be lower (i.e. the disc is less reflective)
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