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More on Firmtek + new products
« on: March 20, 2014, 08:34:59 AM »
i never knew Firmtek was founded by apple staff members! makes sense:)

About FirmTek

FirmTek, LLC
29300 Kohoutek Way
Suite 120
Union City, CA 94587
United States
Phone:    +1-510-675-9800
Fax:    +1-510-315-3077

Headquartered in Silicon Valley and founded in 1998 by former Apple engineers, FirmTek is the leading hardware and firmware research and development company focusing on Macintosh ATA storage technologies. The company takes pride in developing the most reliable and compatible high performance enhancement solutions, offered through FirmTek's OEM partners and worldwide distribution channels. For information regarding FirmTek's products and operations, visit FirmTek's website at <-- these prices seem way out of date really wish they could update their prices to reflect 2014!

check this out.. add Esata support WITH BOOT CAPABILITY .. via Firewire 800/(400 using an adapter) or USB 2.0
given firmteks history i wouldnt be surprised if this thing worked to connect esata drives to a g4 via firewire and allowed boot!

Code: [Select]
Provides Mac OS boot capability to eSATA enclosures
Allows content to be shared between different Macintosh and/or PC models
Provides FireWire Daisy Chaining capability
Operates using bus power
Expands eSATA direct connect enclosure connectivity to include FireWire 800/400/USB 2.0 host interfaces. (FireWire 400 requires optional adapter)
Features dual external eSATA and a FireWire device port
Features a FireWire 800 or a USB 2.0 host port
Power and activity LEDs for each hard drive
Supports JBOD or Hardware RAID 0/Concatenate modes
SATA II compliant; auto-negotiation between the latest 3Gb/s and legacy 1.5Gb/s Serial ATA drives
Attractive design
Features Kensington Security Slot
Easy to set up, easy to transport, compact and portable
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Re: More on Firmtek + new products
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these enclosures look at first glance very similar to the ones that diehard uses from owc!


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Re: More on Firmtek + new products
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Anyone know which macs support this card aswell as mac os 9???
i cant imagine where this would be used..

which mac laptops support these pc card slots?
im surprised they just didnt list the compatible models.. there cant be too many!
must be some of these?

it just occurred to me these are around 69$
and boot os9.. well perhaps they can be adapted for pci bus?
using something like this.. ^^cardbus to pci adapter

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