Author Topic: acard mac os 9 compatible PATA/IDE RAID  (Read 4386 times)


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acard mac os 9 compatible PATA/IDE RAID
« on: February 23, 2014, 03:05:59 PM »

"true hardware raid" "Exclusively for mirror door g4 power mac"
naming scheme is: 62xxM dont have raid, 68xxM do have raid, inside the "xx" - "8x" = PATA and "9x" = SATA and "M" means mac
they also make mac scsi adapters with these ids: AEC-67162M, AEC-6712WM, AEC-6712TUM, AEC-6712TSM

a few of these for under 30$ on ebay
i wouldnt mind havin one of these

pretty sure these cards are hardware raid.. invisible to the os.. so if u set dipswitches itll turn a 2 or 4 ide hard drives into one viewable voume to mac os 9 .. compatible with 9 or x
heres the newegg info page
says its compatible with mac os 8.5 thru to X

also claims to be bootable so u could have your drive mirroed to protect against failure
heres the manual

im trying to see if theres independant switches for each ide port
ie so u could have one mirrored and one striped..
that would be a great use of old "throwaway" ide drives

the block of dipswitches appears visually to have 2 switches toggable between two settings
im not sure if it means each can be set to 1 or 0 seperate from the other!

i found a bunch of ide drives in some old PVR's that were going to be  thrown out

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