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Firewire Installer Fun
« on: November 30, 2023, 05:10:46 PM »
i don´t think you can clone an OS9 installer CD onto a HD partition
and then boot from it as if it would be a CD.

Keywords and phrases noted from the above passage are: “I don’t think” and “clone”.

Nobody ever said “clone”.
And considering the preface: “I don’t think” …
Well the latter might just be a given, historically speaking for IIO. ::)

Word Salad follows:

It is possible to “Restore” the contents of both Ross’s Mac mini OS 9 CD v.9.iso
AND Tiger OS 10.4.6 (etc.) to an available (suitably formatted) individual partition on a
Firewire drive (both FW400 or FW800) and then afterwards, booted from that - and then
installed to the mini (as if it was an installer CD) from there.

Of course, all accomplished using Tiger’s Disk Utility via a second Mac, not the Mac mini itself.

Tested with three different FW drives. Two FW400 and one FW800. (Two smallest pictured were bus powered.)
And there’s one of those retro OWC Mercury Firewire enclosures again from mustagcoupe!

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Re: Firewire Installer Fun
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2023, 09:21:11 PM »

using ASR and roll you own seems far too complicated for the average visitor.

and if you have the required components ready, then you could as well just install the Ross CD onto the firewiredrive, boot from there, and then copy it from there to your minis.

(of course this would require a mini with working CD drive, which was the original task do make it happen when not present. but the requirement of another mac is also a dependency)

compared to installing multiple minis from a fw device it seems less work to prepare a drag install.*) or what did i miss?

*) and in my case it could be personalized in addition.
glad you got one of the 7 enclosures. :) would you give mine in addition as christmas present, if it wasnt for the shipping to overseas.
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