Author Topic: Book upload / Guide to Computer Music for Apple, IIgs, Macintosh, etc  (Read 3062 times)

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Hello all,

long time lurker, and I thought I would share this here.

I recently was able to track down a 2nd copy of this rare/out of print book, which covers in great length use of MIDI equipment and software with Apple, Macintosh, and other computers (the 1st edition was almost entirely apple/mac focused, this is the revised edition).

I could not find a copy scanned anywhere, so I sent off the 2nd copy of the revised edition that I was able to find for scanning. For those who have done it before, for the cleanest/straightest scans with proper OCR (this PDF is OCR'd) you have to allow "destructive scanning."

So, while I'm super happy to still have my own other copy intact, I am also quite happy to be able to share this text with the community. I believe I did the absolute best I could to preserve this text, but please pour one out for the copy that had to take one for the team for that to happen