Author Topic: HD 1080p 3D SBS Video Editing in Mac Os 9. How To guide.  (Read 2414 times)

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HD 1080p 3D SBS Video Editing in Mac Os 9. How To guide.
« on: May 19, 2020, 01:34:04 PM »
We can use two similar or identical smartphones to simultaneously capture each channel of the 3D SBS video in this way:

Each smartphone must be configured to capture MPEG-4 SP video.
How this couple of smartphones must be configured to capture MPEG-4 SP video and how to transfer in to the Mac Os 9 machine is showed here:,5476.0.html

To couple the two videos in just one, we are going to use Avid VideoShop 3.0.
Both video files optionally can be re-encode it to M-JPEG in a MOV container, or it can be used "as is" because VideoShop can work with mp4 videos directly, but with some minor limitations.
Once in VideoShop we have to add an extra video track, and rearrange both videos Side By Side.

When the edition process is ended we save the movie and export it to a .mp4 file using QuickTime player. and it shoud be ready to be played on a 3D screen:

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Re: HD 1080p 3D SBS Video Editing in Mac Os 9. How To guide.
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I like that!

Well executed Mr.Mactron.

I have to show that a photographer here in my zone.
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We talked quite a bit about it and I said just get it to use, set it up properly again.

He will be pleased when I show him your achievements Mactron.
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