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roland/edirol PCR series vs PCR-M series midi keyboards
« on: November 18, 2013, 03:39:21 PM »
differences between the very similar product lines explained here:

one of the key features of which i'll repost here:
-Similar to the assignable control of the PCR-30/50/80, you can now send keyboard performance data from the MIDI OUT connector while connected through USB.
(Interface mode has been added)

^^ with most midi usb devices that feature these midi out ports... they are usually unavailable + non functional as long as the device is plugged +  powered via usb..
most require the unit to be unconnected + powered via an external power supply for this midi out port to be utilized.. so at first glance, that cool set up u thought u could do when u saw that midi port
thinking youd be able to send midi to two keyboards/machines at the same time? usually no.. but with the pcr-m series it seems this *IS* possible..

Edirol/Roland japan i salute you;)

its also of note to mention they provide a large number of downloadable templates for integrating the controllers with common software versions + other roland synthesizers such as the juno + jx3p series synths!!!!!!! and also provide compatibility with the most recent oses... thanks to the  excellent driver writing teams over at roland jp.

see the downloads here
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