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BTV and BTV Pro
« on: April 16, 2015, 11:38:41 AM »
BTV and BTV Pro have been officially discontinued. Please have a look at our our other video-realated software for the Mac.


BTV allows you to view video from any video input source, either in a window or full screen on an entire monitor. Video can be captured to disk as a standard QuickTime movie file and single frames can be saved as image files.
Features of BTV    
Works with any Macintosh compatible video input source    

View live video in a window or full-screen    
Movie capture    
Still image capture    
One touch capturing    
Multiple monitor support    
Channel changing on TV cards    
AppleScript support    
Includes the macgix LiveCam AppleScript to turn BTV into a Webcam application

BTV Pro has all the features of BTV as well as many more including movie playback and editing, stop motion animation, time lapse capture, motion detection, DV stream input/output, and frame averaging.

Additional Features of BTV Pro    
Movie playback and editing    
Time lapse capture    
Motion detection capture    
Stop-motion animation    
Frame averaging    
Folder Viewer    
Movie export    
DV input/output    
DV device control

Looking for MacOS 9.2.4